Something about Pluto, Venus, Mars and Mercury…

Friday, April 21, 2017

Pluto retrograde

Mercury into Aries

Mars into Gemini

Venus square Saturn

Moon in Aquarius

There’s a fair bit of activity happening today, so how to fit it into less than 500 words? Here goes…

First up is Pluto – who stationed retrograde last night. I’ve written a lot about this in the past. It really is about a planetary detox. You’ll find last years post here. Anyways, the details are below:

20/4/17 stations retrograde 19 Capricorn 24’

27/9/17 stations direct 16 Capricorn 51’

We have two planetary ingresses today. Ingress is just a fancy pants word for saying that the planet is changing signs.

Today we have Mercury slipping back into Aries – yes, Mercury is still retrograde – and Mars moving into Gemini. I’ll pop something DIYish up on this later.

Finally, Venus square Saturn. I told you a bit about this only a couple of weeks ago. Back then, Venus was still retrograde.

What I told you last time:

When Venus is square Saturn, a little tough love might be the order of the day. Now, before you miss understand me, when I say “tough love” I don’t mean anything involving power games, I mean the “for your own good” type of tough love.

This type of aspect is one of those where you might want to blame someone else – when the problem is actually coming from you and your perspective. It’s about making tough decisions, jumping a few hurdles, putting in the hard yards to get what you want. You also might need to practice a little restraint. Even then you mightn’t get what you want – but it could be just what you need.

The warning, under any Saturn influence is that you might find yourself worrying too much, feeling dissatisfied over something that is really not worth the energy. Saturn likes to look at things from a half full mentality.

Then again you might be getting a glimpse at what is really going on – you might be getting a glimpse of a deal breaker.

If this is the case, given that Saturn is also retrograde, before you do anything you might later regret, step to one side, withdraw a little if you need to, and:

  • Remind yourself that you are both human, with all the frailties and imperfections that implies
  • Remind yourself that if you are only human with all the frailties and imperfections that implies, so too is your relationship
  • Remind yourself that often the dissatisfaction we have in relationships is projected from within
  • Remind yourself that only you are responsible for your happiness

still applies, but the difference is now not only is Venus still in Pisces (where she love love loves being) but she’s oh so beautifully direct…in a I’m going to make you think this is your idea when it’s really mine way…the way she can be in Pisces.

The thing is, while Venus was retrograde, she was really just faffing about, with no real idea what she wanted. That should all be a tad clearer now.