Something about ideas, ideals, and illusions…

Sunday 10 December 2017

Mercury trine Uranus

Venus square Neptune

There’s a standing joke in our house that when I come up with one of my brilliant ideas – such as, for example, the electronic drum kit in the steering wheel for when you’re stationary in traffic – my hubby will say something supportive like ‘How long did it take you to think of that one, darling? While you were brushing your teeth?’

Generally, that’s how my ideas come to me, and in most cases, my husband’s response is spot on. Also, in most cases, by the time I’ve left for work, I’ve already forgotten about whatever flash of brilliance had so dazzled me just a few short minutes ago.

Let’s just say that it’s a good thing for our finances that very few of my brilliant ideas make it to the planning stage – and even fewer move past it.

Today’s star aspect – Mercury trine Uranus – brings us a bursting flash of brilliance. The ideas could come thick and fast from new and unexpected directions. This is great from a stimulus viewpoint, and can absolutely get your mind ticking along but remember, Mercury is retrograde. Note them down as they fly past, but don’t put any plans into action until they’ve been properly, logically and practically thought through.

Besides, also in play today is a square between Venus and Neptune, so the lines between reality and fantasy may be blurred. Under this influence the illusions and delusions are common. Like me believing that losing 5 kgs before Christmas is a realistic target. Please don’t burst my bubble.

We all do it – daydream, that is – and you know what? There’s nothing wrong with that. Where is it written that one should live 24-7 in the real world? Since when is reality more fun than daydreaming? Who says that romance is dead? Why do people want to encourage you to throw away your fantasies? I should know – I write romantic fiction – hey, I’m in the business of creating, articulating and encouraging fantasies.

Sure today you may be just a tad idealistic and unrealistic in your romantic dealings. Sure you may put the object of your affection up on a pedestal that no mortal can possibly stand on for long. You might spend the day faffing about in daydream heaven – or floating along on your pineapple pool lounge (or is that just me?). But you know what? It’s Sunday and it’s just 24 hours. Do what you’ve committed to do, what you need to do, what you have to do, but also cut yourself some slack.

This transit can bring out the unattainable, the short term and the impossible. If you’ve met someone at the Christmas party, enjoy it, but also be aware that love affairs that commence now will be romanticized. It doesn’t mean that they won’t last, just that there could be a touch of fairy dust about them and sometimes that doesn’t translate to the real world.

At the very least this aspect stimulates the imagination, sends off sparks of creativity, inspiration and artistic temperament.

Speaking of which, I have the Christmas baking to get started on and absolutely am ignoring the pool lounge. Enjoy what’s left of the weekend.