New Moon in Virgo Wednesday 8 September, 2010

Tomorrow night (Sydney time)’s New Moon in Virgo highlights the area of your life where you need to slow down and look at the detail, the area where you need to take a broom to your routines, where things can be made better. Wherever close to 16 Virgo falls in your chart is where you need to do some sprucing up.

In my case, this point is right on my Descendant, ie the cusp of my 7th house, so relationship style, patterns, open enemies are the areas where I need to seriously look at.

Here’s what my friend Clementine had to say about the New Moon:

“Some of the key words or ideas for Virgo are: organisation, spring cleaning, the art of perfecting something, maintaining a healthy work ethic, being precise or pedantic – or in its shadow sense Virgo can be a real martyr, a slave or a workaholic.  Those types of energies will be playing out in your chart wherever you find 15° Virgo 41´.  If it’s the first house you are precise or pedantic – if its the seventh house you will project those qualities onto your partner – if its the eleventh house you might be the one organising the next protest march.”

The ruler of this New Moon is Mercury which is, surprise surprise, in Virgo but retrograde. But, he is moving ever closer to stationing direct and turning about. Also ready to turn around is power planet Pluto. We are ready to start, in the words of our finally confirmed Prime Minister, “moving forward” on plans and activities that have been directed inward since around Easter. Cool, hey?

Also really interesting is Venus about to move into super intense Scorpio. She will spend longer than usual here, steaming up the Universe in the process, as she will shortly go retrograde herself. If you want to sort out the finer details of a relationship issue, do it in the next few days- once Venus is in Scorpio, you will be diving into the deep murky stuff. Disturbia.


  1. The New Moon falls in my 1st house with Mercury retrograde in my 12th. Yesterday I decided I am refining and fine tuning my exercise program even more. I’m rewriting the whole thing today 😀

  2. aaah Merc is now in my 6th (stationed on the DC). Its like I know what needs to be done in both 6th & 7th house issues, but is seriously a case of “physician heal thyself”.

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