mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde…the story so far…

Hi all,

I’m sitting at Sydney airport waiting for a flight home and just thought I’d drop by & give you a few Mercury retrograde stories to have a giggle at my expense over.

We’ve been in Canberra for the funeral of a very close friend. To be honest, it freaked me out quite a bit – not just the grief, but something else. I’m not sure whether it’s because this is the first time I’ve lost a friend of my age and vintage. I’ve been extremely fortunate…touch wood… Seriously though, I suppose that it brought me smack bang against my own mortality – and yes, I’m fully aware that this isn’t about me.

Having said that, my friend leaves a fabulous legacy in an amazing family and lasting changes in the community and the causes that she was an advocate for. Sixth house Aries stellium at work…literally. As deeply sad as it all was, she did have a good send-off.

Anyways, getting to Canberra from the Sunshine Coast is costly and difficult so we opted to fly to Sydney on Sunday and hire a car to drive the remaining 300kms.

Conscious that Mercury was retrograde I built in plenty of contingency. Even so, we were pleased when informed at the car rental desk that we’d scored an upgrade. #winning

We weren’t so pleased when we got to our assigned car and found another family piling into it. Yes, they’d double-booked the vehicle.

The upgrade magically disappeared and we were led to another car. This one had a flat tyre.

‘No it doesn’t madam.’

‘Really? What’s that if it isn’t flat?’

‘Maybe a little bit deflated?’ he suggested hopefully.

Twenty minutes and another car we were on our way.

Strike one to Mercury.

In order to take the time off to attend the funeral, I was doing the blue-arsed fly thing, ie running around like a mad woman (sorry, it’s an Aussie saying). I’d set up the print version of Happy Ever After and because Mercury is retrograde had checked and rechecked things like the trim-size (ie the size of the book), the page numbers, the cover proportions…everything. So when the digital proof came through for approval I checked it another few times and ticked the appropriate box.

In the hotel, I was catching up on some work and saw that an email had come through from my cover designer advising me that the cover version she’d sent through was the low resolution one for my approval and not the final version.

So, I had to edit the book, pay the cost of the changes and pretty much start over.

Strike two for Mercury.

Last night when we got home from the funeral I had an email waiting for me from One of the B&Bs we’d booked for a New Zealand trip early next year is no longer able to accept guests so our booking has been cancelled. The booking was made last time Mercury was retrograde. As annoying as it is, I can’t help but hope that everything is okay with the owners.

Strike three to Mercury.

This afternoon when we settled down at the airport to wait for our flight home I opened my email to find one from Singapore Airlines. We’re flying with them to Singapore and Penang next April. The email was to advise me that due to an aircraft change (?) the extra legroom seats we’d paid for were no longer available. Yes, that booking was also made last time Mercury was retrograde.

Strike four to Mercury.

Once I finally got the book design right I also ordered a box of paperback copies of Happy Ever After from the printer. As we sat in the bar this afternoon another email popped through with the shipping confirmation. Normally I wouldn’t consider checking it, but Mercury retrograde and all that… That’s when I noticed that while I’d changed my billing address to Queensland, my shipping address was still our old house.

Strike five to Mercury.

All of it is solvable, all very much #firstworldproblems – I’m super conscious how lucky I am to be travelling. It is, however inconvenient and time-consuming to fix. It’s also very Sagittarian that each of these issues relates to travel plans or publishing – especially given that Mercury is currently 9th house (using placidus house systems) for me at the moment.

In the case of the issues with the book printing and shipping, both of these could have been avoided if I’d slowed down. But I didn’t.

Mercury slips back into Scorpio on Saturday bringing us face to face with whatever unfinished business is lurking in the shadows.

Venus too is doing a similar thing as she crosses back into Scorpio in the early hours of Monday morning. Venus is still retracing her steps from before she went retrograde at 10 Scorpio back at the beginning of October. It’s definitely a time for exposing truth and manipulative behaviour…

I’d love to know if anyone else has any Mercury stories they’d like to share…

Update:  And just for more Mercury randomness? Sitting across the aisle from me in row 1 on our Jetstar flight was a friend and fellow writer. In Sydney for meetings with her publisher, she mixed up her times and almost missed her flight down – and then realised when she had landed that she’d forgotten her credit cards. Aaaah Mercury, you trickster you…