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Mercury Retrograde March 2019

Here in Queensland, we don’t switch the clocks to daylight saving time – even though the rest of the east coast of Australia does. There are varying reasons for this which include arguments that the cows won’t know when to be milked and the chooks won’t know when to lay. There are also more valid reasons which largely have to do with the heat and daylight hours and the work that needs to be done in the far north and west of the state.

Anyways, for those of us in South East Queensland who have commercial dealings with Sydney and Melbourne daylight saving means 6 months of chaos and confusion. That’s 6 months of asking “your time or ours?”, 6 months of getting that particular answer wrong, 6 months of meetings being booked well before breakfast and 6 months of 90 minute flights losing 3 hours of the day. 

A friend of mine lives in Tweed Heads – which is on the NSW side of the border between NSW and Queensland. She works in NSW, her husband works in Queensland, one child goes to primary school in NSW and the other goes to High School in Queensland. 

I’m at least able to make things easier by switching my work life entirely to Sydney time for 6 months but I can’t imagine the chaos she has every day.

Why am I talking about this? Well, because Mercury is currently moving super slowly and is about to turn retrograde – and when Mercury is retrograde confusion tends to follow.

If you’ve been listening carefully to those around you, you could be mistaken in thinking that Mercury is already retrograde. That’s because not only is Mercury in Pisces – a sign where he is operating way differently to his normal mode of operation – but along the way he has spent some quality time with Neptune. And anyone who has spent any sort of quality time with Neptune knows that where Neptune is, a certain amount of confusion or dreamy fog follows.

Anyways, Mercury retrograde – a time of computer problems, travel delays, missed appointments, car trouble and mixed messages? Yes? Possibly. It can, however, also be a time for you to revisit, renew, review and reset – and an opportunity for your to tap into your creative, imaginative and spiritual self. The difference is largely in your attitude.

I’ll be travelling over most of this period and, because my birthday falls while Mercury is retrograde – will have retrograde Mercury sitting beside my natal Moon in this year’s Solar Return…but more on my Solar Return next week.

Apart from my flight back from Sydney on Thursday, we’re off next Sunday to New Zealand. We’re flying into Auckland and then moseying our way down through the North Island via the Coromandel Peninsula, the Bay of Plenty, the volcanic heart of Rotorua and Taupo into the wine region of Martinborough where we have a friend’s party to attend, and then flying back to Brisbane from Wellington. 

This trip was booked during a Mercury retrograde and during the last retrograde we had issues when some of our accommodation was cancelled and needed to be re-booked. Let’s just say that we’ve built in plenty of contingency time and all current bookings have been printed out and triple checked. Besides, we’re on holidays for a week so can go with the flow. And that’s actually what this period is great for – slowing you down, providing a pause and some encouragement to stop and reflect.

Given that Neptune is currently conjunct my Ascendant and Mercury will be stationing to go direct at this point too, I suspect this is one retrograde period that I’ll be needing plenty of flexibility in order to deal with it.

As for the rest of you? Back up your work, consider your message and the consequences of it, choose your words carefully, assume nothing, write your appointments in pencil, and leave plenty of time to get anywhere.

You could, of course, also check out my Mercury Survival Guide. You’ll find it here.

The technical details are below…

  • 5/3/19 Mercury stations retrograde at 29 Pisces
  • 27/3/19 Mercury stations direct at 16 Pisces – conjunct Neptune…