January 18, 2019

Venus trine Mars

Often we don’t go after the things that we want – or the things that make us feel good – for fear of clashing with the needs of another. At other times it’s almost as if there are opposing forces that are there just to make life difficult.

The energy that’s with us now could make what you want easier to get without stepping on the toes of others or making someone else feel bad. And that’s pretty much a win-win.

Venus in Sagittarius wants to move forward, have adventures, and express affection freely, generously and with enthusiasm.

Mars in Aries also wants something new and interesting – and is prepared to go after it.

Both signs relish freedom and space to move – and neither have a particularly long attention span. They do, however, work well together.

Does this mean that you’ll be guaranteed success? Not particularly – but you have a better chance than when the energies aren’t collaborating quite as happily. Besides, sometimes what you want isn’t available to attain or obtain.

Maybe you’ll achieve your aims, maybe you won’t. If you do, enjoy the results for as long as it lasts. If you don’t? That’s ok too – have a little shrug and get on with getting on.

It also reminds me of a real-life conversation I once had with someone about this aspect:

Them: Venus and Mars- that means male and female energy…right?

Me: Yeah…Nah….it means other stuff too.

Them: So that means that if we hook up when Venus trines Mars we’ll be together forever and ever – because trines make things good…right?

Me: Hmmmm. For ever and ever? Possibly…but even if it doesn’t, it could be mutually fun…

Them: Oh. So what does it mean? Venus trine Mars, that is?

Me: That you can probably go after what you want without pissing someone else off… maybe that you’re prepared to help someone else with what they want as you’re not taken for granted…

Them: Well, that’s more boring than I thought it could be.

Me: That’s the thing with trines: shoulda woulda coulda.