Daily Planets

Daily Stars: Wednesday June 21, 2017

Moon in Taurus

Today’s a big day for planetary ingresses – that’s a fancy pants way of saying that planets are changing signs:

The Sun is moving into Cancer

Mercury is moving into Cancer

I’ve written something on each of these, so keep your eyes open on the blog.

The other news is that the Sun and Mercury join up in the very early hours of the 22nd.

The thing is, when Mercury is within, say, 8° of the Sun, it is said to be combust – and combust is not a good place to be. It’s about being so blinded by the light that you can’t see straight…or think straight. Up to 17° is referred to as being under the sunbeams – a lesser version of this. It’s almost as though you’re talking but no one is listening – as though your opinions can’t be seen beyond the light of the Sun. Right?

Cazimi, on the other hand – that point where Mercury and the Sun join in a golden glow of uber understanding and concentration – is a very, very good place for Mercury to be…however briefly. And that’s what’s happening tonight. Unfortunately those of us in Australia will sleep through it.

This one isn’t just any cazimi – falling at 0 Cancer, i.e. on the solstice – it’s a super duper special one.

The aspect is exact at 12.04am or therabouts (my time), but Mercury is said to be cazimi within around 17’ of arc. Yep, ok, I can see your eyes beginning to glaze over. Just know that this effect will be around for a few hours past when the aspect is exact. The one thing I want you to take away from this is that in that golden period of time, Mercury is elevated to the pure Mercury-ness of itself. This makes it a perfect time for any Mercury type of activities. Given though, that the Moon is in Taurus, don’t think too long and hard or you’ll miss it.

I know that I don’t normally give individual time zones – this is a DIY site and I’m a busy girl – but I’ll make an exception this one time:

New Zealand: Thursday 2.04am

East Coast Australia: Thursday 12.04am

West Coast Australia, SE Asia: Wednesday 10.04pm

London: Wednesday 3.04pm

New York: Wednesday 10am

Los Angeles: Wednesday 7am