Astroweather: March 1 2018

Ok, to kick March off (how are we in March already?) we have a trifecta of aspects. I’ll deal with each of them one-by-one and let you join the dots. The forecast is pretty much for possible storms, but fining up later.

Mercury square Mars

Ok, this one comes with a storm warning. Do you know those days where you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and are irritable with everyone? Yeah, I’m looking at you. What about it? Seriously? You want to have a go? Who said you have to be right all the time?

Those days.

The best way to get through this?

  • Count to 10 before speaking
  • Don’t read everything as a challenge
  • Don’t react to everything as a challenge
  • Count to 10 before posting on Facebook
  • Don’t look for a battle where none exists
  • Count to 10 again

It’s a quick transit and before you know it the sun will be peeking through those clouds and you can think more clearly again.

Mercury sextile Pluto

I’m not the puzzle sort of type. Jigsaws bore me (although I can appreciate the picture they make at the end) and things like sudoku have my brain screaming ‘enough already.’ I’m the one who tends to trust what she’s told and won’t muse about what does and doesn’t add up.

I am, however, intrigued by mystery.

What does any of this have to do with today’s astro weather? Quite simply, Mercury sextile Pluto can provide an environment for going deeper today and solving puzzles – not necessarily the sudoku type (besides, someone else has probably already completed that in the in-flight magazine) – but of the ‘I wonder why’ variety.

Given that Mercury is in Pisces, you won’t necessarily solve the previously unsolveable by asking probing questions, but you will solve it by also feeling below the surface for the answers.

Venus trine Jupiter

Venus and Jupiter were known by traditional astrologers as the lesser and greater benefics. Yeah, don’t worry so much about the correct technical term- the benefic part is what’s important and relevant here. Essentially this means that by nature, they’re both good guys.

Sure, good guys can behave badly from time to time, but Venus in Pisces is feeling about as pretty as she’s ever likely to be.

So, when Venus and Jupiter meet up, can we expect sweetness, grace, light, rainbows and unicorns? Probably not unicorns. All other things being equal though if you’ve been having bad days – or good days – today could be better…relatively speaking. If you’re lucky enough to be on holiday, it’s a great day to do faff all – and to do it very well indeed.

The thing is when Venus and Jupiter get together – although briefly – there’s usually fun to be had…if you’re in the mood to have some.