Astroweather: February 4, 2018

Venus square Jupiter

Ok, I have this aspect natally. I like to think of it as a bit of a FOMO type of aspect – you know, the whole not knowing when to stop, or when there’s enough, or not wanting to miss out on something that could be just around the corner. It’s also very much about self-indulgence – which isn’t such a bad thing if it’s just every so often, but not so great if it’s all the time. Yep, I know.

The thing is when the two “benifics” (that’s traditional speak for good guys) get together – even if it is in a square aspect – there are good times to be had.

Of course, this isn’t the most disciplined aspect in the textbook – far from it. So, because of that, I’ll pop out a few warnings – just to satisfy the fine print:

  • Be aware of impulse buys – even if it does seem like a good deal at the time.
  • Listen to your head not your heart when it comes to decisions – especially if it involves investment or risk.
  • Try not to be too over-confident – even if everything does seem to be coming up roses for you.
  • Don’t even think of dieting – it’s simply not going to happen. The best outcome is that you don’t overindulge too much.

As you were…