Daily Planets

Astroweather: February 16, 2018

Today’s big news item is, of course, the New Moon/Solar Eclipse. I wrote about that the other day.

The other star aspect of the day is Venus sextile Saturn. Because it’s falling so close to the new Moon, it’s very much tied in with that.

We have this image of Saturn as being a bad guy – okay, maybe that’s just me – but there’s so much about Saturn that can be used for good. Actually, it isn’t just me – traditionally Saturn is a malefic planet and Venus is a benefic planet. As we all know too much of what we love isn’t a great thing, and when Venus bestows her warmth on Saturn what we end up with is… moderation of sorts.

With Venus sextile Saturn today, there are opportunities for sensible and realistic change – especially in relation to your, well, relationships.

When it comes to Saturn things often as bad as you think they are, and with Venus in Pisces, things often aren’t as good in reality as they are in your fantasies. What you have – and what you need to look for – is that place in the middle.

So yes, if you’re feeling lonely or detached or any of those other Saturn type words, don’t just dwell on what you’re not getting out of your relationships, think also about what you’re not putting into it.

Likewise, the fantasy element. Real life relationships have flaws, just as people have flaws and may not deserve the infallible pedestal status that you’ve elevated them to. This doesn’t mean that the relationship is doomed – even if that is what Saturn is whispering in your ear. It means that you’re both humans and, therefore, fallible.

When the Sun is in Aquarius, individuation is where the ego is at. The thing is, you don’t have to disrupt your relationships, pick a fight or run for the hills – if you take a step back, there may be a way to find your freedom within your existing structures…Sure you might have to tweak a little here, compromise a little there, and get real about what it is that you’re really feeling restless for.

Think about this and build it into your intentions this New Moon.