Astroweather: 25 February 2018

Question: What’s more Mercury in Pisces than Mercury in Pisces?

Answer: When Mercury in Pisces is conjunct Neptune in Pisces

And what do you do when Mercury is conjunct Neptune?

Daydream, of course. Let your imagination soar, imagine the possibilities, follow where inspiration and fantasy leads…

What not to do? Beat yourself up too much because self-discipline and attention to detail could be about as low as it can go.

The thing about this aspect is that it’s over quickly, so while the potential for short-term inspiration is high, the potential for long-term damage is relatively low. That is, of course, as long as you realise that fantasyland is a lovely place to visit, but not so good as a permanent resident.

Not that there’s much danger of that with today’s other star aspect – Venus square Mars. Although both Venus and Mars are in Jupiter ruled signs at present (Pisces and Sagittarius respectively), their motivations are different. Venus is following a dream and Mars is about gaining experience through pushing boundaries.

The thing is when two people want different things, sometimes there needs to be a meeting point of compassion and compromise. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t get what you want, but you might get what you need.

Sometimes getting what you want takes a bit of work. Sometimes it requires you to overcome fears. If it’s something that you really want, you make the effort required to get the rewards.

Today could bring tensions and frustrations- especially if egos are involved.

With Venus and Mars we can’t ignore relationships – and today, if there are underlying issues, they could just come to the surface. This is, however, a short lived transit, so bear that in mind before burning any bridges.

When Venus and Mars come together, there’s always the potential for a sexual relationship, although when the square is involved, anything new started now is likely to be based on physical attraction.

I’ll leave that one with you.