Astro Weather: January 8, 2018

Moon in Libra


Sun sextile Jupiter

Venus sextile Jupiter

Mars sextile Pluto

Ok, it looks like there’s lot’s happening in the skies, but I’m not issuing a storm warning just yet. Besides, here in South East Queensland at this time of the year, we don’t have ordinary storms, we get “super cells” or “rain bombs”… yes, I’m being flippant.

Why not? Simply because you’ve generally got to try pretty hard not to see the positive when Sun and Venus are sextile Jupiter. Sure, shit can still go down – as it can and does do – but don’t go blaming these aspects on it. And don’t go blaming the Libra Moon either – you’ll need to be a tad more creative than that.

In fact, if you’ve been on leave for the Christmas break and this is your first day back at work, today’s astro weather could help you ease back into it and catch up socially with what’s been happening.

But what about Mars sextile Pluto, I hear you ask? Nah, these two together are really only interested in getting the new working year off to a powerful start. Ready, set…oh, they’re already gone.