Astro Weather: January 13, 2018

Moon in Sagittarius

Mercury conjunct Saturn

Venus square Uranus

Ok, normally when the Moon is in Sagittarius, the general forecast would be mostly fine. The thing is, Mercury and Saturn together have the propensity to add a few clouds to the daily forecast.

Sure, this is great energy for planning and strategising (hint: there’s a New Moon just a few days away), and it’s also good for adding some caution to a run for the hills how hard can it be Sagittarius Moon. But, and it’s a sizeable but, when Mercury and Saturn get together in Capricorn if left unattended they can get into the whole just how half empty is your glass competition. ‘Mine’s emptier than yours.’ ‘No, I’m sure mine is way half emptier.’

Try to be mindful of the negativity creeping in. It’s one thing to not want to give anything away, and it’s one thing to want to point out the potential flaws in a suggestion, but here’s a thought, how about considering the ways in which it can work. Hmmm?

As for Venus square Uranus…I call this the leave me alone I’m lonely aspect. With Mercury and Saturn doing the grey is grey thing, you’re bound to blame someone else for your restlessness. Today is not the day to capsize any otherwise sea-worthy vessels.

If you can be logical and reasonable and discuss things like a grown-up, by all means, get things out into the open. If not, why not distract yourself by trying something new? Just for today. If the underlying issues are real, they’ll need to be addressed – constructively – but perhaps not while there’s a lot of negativity in the air clouding the root cause…which could be coming from you. Just thinking out loud.