Astro Weather: January 10, 2018

Moon in Scorpio

Venus sextile Mars

Sun sextile Mars

Well, it seems that the number 19 is the new black – or at least the place to be…planetarily speaking…with Pluto, the Sun, Venus and Mars all at this degree it’s getting a tad on the crowded side. But what does it all mean?

For a start, aside from the fact that Pluto is still in play from yesterday, whenever you have a sextile you have an opportunity – but when the sextiles involve personal planets, the opportunities are fleeting and gone in the blink of an eye.

Mars is in common, so we have activity – social activity, physical activity. But, and here’s the rub, under a Scorpio Moon the intensity level is ramped up a tad.   So from an astro weather viewpoint? Bring a brolly…just in case.