Astro Weather: 15 January 2018

Moon in Capricorn

Sun square Uranus

Ok, you’re getting tomorrows weather forecast today because I’ve got something scheduled tomorrow about Jupiter and Pluto that you’re going to want to read.

Sun square Uranus. Today you might be feeling the restrictions that others place on you, the ties that bind, the conventions. Given the number of planets in Capricorn at the moment the responsibilities and duties of normal life could be weighing you down more than they usually do.

The urge to break free, do something wild, express your individuality, stand and yell bingo in the planning meeting when someone mentions taking a deep dive or a helicopter view of the situation. The thing is, impulses like this rarely have a good outcome – no matter how much you’re tempted. Very often the rebellion is for its own sake.

By all means, do something to mix up your routine – but do it mindfully, thoughtfully and in a way that isn’t, as my mother would say, biting your nose off to spite your face.


Take the time to think about what’s really bothering you – and it’s bound to be more than the idiot who just stole your carpark or the woman with screaming kids and the packed trolley that she’s left across the supermarket aisle so no one else can get past.

Once you know what the real root cause is, you’re better equipped to deal with it intentionally rather than impulsively.