Aries Moon

Aries New Moon

It’s fair to say that I’ve been struggling of late. While there’s been brief moments where I’ve managed to pop my head up out of the day job to look around at what else there is out there, for much of the time my brain has been so full of whatever happened during the day that I’ve been unable to write – either here or in the novel that has a first draft deadline fast approaching.

My mindset hasn’t been helped by the rain we’ve had so much of during March. It was clear for just a few morning walks last week, and so far this week I’ve been able to get out of the house for just 2. The rest of the time I’ve been chained to the office chair and office phone.

In the time that I’ve been not being able to write the self-doubts have crept in:

‘You’ll never be a real author”

“You’re wasting your time playing with your stories.”

“You’ll never make an income out of it so why are you persevering?”

The doubts have even had a voice in people close to me. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been told that I’d be better off letting the novels and the astro writing go and putting my ambitions back where the money is ie in my day job. 

There have been times where I’ve considered it. Seriously. It costs a lot to keep this site going. It costs a lot to create and market a novel – in both time and money. And that’s not even taking into consideration bills and lifestyle. It’s selfish, in many ways, for me not to be going after a bigger slice of corporate income rather than pursuing this dream that I’ve been working hard at for a lot of years.

Then, out of the blue, I got a series of messages from people who had read my books. All of them positive – really positive. One, a traditionally published fellow author, was reading Happy Ever After, and wrote “you are a fabulous writer. Honestly, one of my favourites.”

While I know logically that it shouldn’t matter what other people think, it really does. And this comment brought tears to my eyes.

It also helped me see my “why” more clearly – why it is that I want to do this, why I want to succeed at this. It’s not just about telling stories, it’s so much more than that.

The thing is, as futile as this work feels sometimes, it’s who I am and who I want to be. It’s important to me, it nourishes me and it replenishes me.  I’m not giving up.

It’s been tough to see this though – Neptune has been sitting either square my Midheaven or right on my Ascendant for quite some time now. Saturn is now exactly sextile my Sun and Pluto hasn’t long moved past that same position. 

In the background, though, is Jupiter – my chart ruler, the ruler of my career. And now the fog is clearing somewhat I can see him and he’s telling me to keep knocking over those boundaries and to ignore the naysayers. ‘Seriously Jo, how hard can it be?’

This Aries New Moon falls in my 2ndhouse and trine my Midheaven. It truly is about what’s important to me, what I really want – and what I’m prepared to do to get it. 

The 2ndhouse is also about resources – financial, personal, and energetic. Despite having 10 days away from the office when we went to New Zealand in March I’ve been stressed and exhausted. The intentions I’ll be sitting down to set later today will address these issues as well.

Okay, that’s enough about me. 

The New Moon energy is always one of new beginnings. And nothing says new beginnings better than an Aries New Moon.

A New Moon, especially an Aries New Moon turns the sky into a great big empty blackboard that you can write your intentions on… I love that. And there is nothing quite as new as an Aries New Moon. It’s almost chance to re-do and reset the resolutions or intentions or whatever that you came into 2019 with.

The Aries energy is one of new, almost childlike enthusiasm to explore, to be the first, to start something brilliant. First things can never be repeated – that’s what makes them so great. You can’t share a first kiss twice or go somewhere for the first time again or…well, you get the idea.

First things and first times are also scary. The whole point of them is that you don’t know what to expect, what will happen, how it will work out. It requires you to take those first few steps into the dark with just your enthusiasm to guide you. 

With Saturn square this New Moon there’s no doubt that work, discipline, commitment and resilience will be involved. And with Saturn there’s also the temptation of giving into the doubts, the critics, the negativity – after all, the work is hard, there’s little immediate reward and there’s no guarantee of success. And there’s very little that Aries likes more than winning and winning now…right at this minute.

Which brings me to another point that Saturn counsels at this New Moon – and that’s patience and resilience.

Do it yourself…

If you’ve been reading along, you should know how to find where the New Moon is happening in your chart. If you’re new to this site (welcome), duck across and check out this post before you go any further.

The position you’re looking for is 15 Aries 17’…or thereabouts.

Now, let’s set our intentions. Think about the area of life you’re focusing on and set small achievable targets. Make sure that you do at least one thing towards this goal this month. If you’re unsure where to start, check out this post.

Given that this is Aries, quick wins will help keep you going towards the bigger goal.

  • How do the concerns of this house make you feel?
  • How would you like to feel about them?
  • What positive steps can you take over the next four weeks to minimise the gap between how you feel about this are and how you’d like to feel?

*****Write it down!!!!!!!!!!******

If you don’t have any idea about your birth time, or can’t be faffed working it out, you can follow the solar guide:

  • If your Sun or Ascendant is in Aries, This New Moon will be in your 1st house.
  • If your Sun or Ascendant is in Taurus, This New Moon will be in your 12th house.
  • If your Sun or Ascendant is in Gemini, This New Moon will be in your 11th house.
  • If your Sun or Ascendant is in Cancer, This New Moon will be in your 10th house.
  • If your Sun or Ascendant is in Leo, This New Moon will be in your 9th house.
  • If your Sun or Ascendant is in Virgo, This New Moon will be in your 8th house.
  • If your Sun of Ascendant is in Libra This New Moon will be in your 7th house.
  • If your Sun or Ascendant is in Scorpio, This New Moon will be in your 6th house.
  • If your Sun or Ascendant is in Sagittarius, This New Moon will be in your 5th house.
  • If your Sun or Ascendant is in Capricorn, This New Moon will be in your 4th house.
  • If your Sun or Ascendant is in Aquarius, This New Moon will be in your 3rd house.
  • If your Sun or Ascendant is in Pisces, This New Moon will be in your 2nd house.

Wherever this falls in your chart is where you need to channel your inner warrior. It’s where you need to find the courage to take that first step, to explore new territory. It’s where you find yourself if you’ve been lost. It’s where you need to just flipping do it. For a few ideas, check out this post on New Moon Wishing.

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