2017 – The Transit Map in retrospect

Back in December last year when I mapped my transits I knew that the first few months of the year were going to be the most chaotic.

If you check out my transit map for 2017 (below) you can see a lot of Pluto, Uranus and Saturn activity in the first few months of the year. March and April had the biggest concentration of “hot spots” (when major transits are either exact or within 1 degree of being exact – as signified by the darker colour shades), with another busy time in the last few months.

What I knew about 2017

  • We’d decided to move 1000kms up to South East Queensland
  • The progressed Moon would be changing signs – into Aquarius. Independence and future-proofing would be big themes.
  • Saturn stationed square my Moon and was at or around this degree for most of March and all of April. I knew that this period would be very tough.
  • It was set to be another busy Jupiter and Saturn year, although there was some respite in August. Again, work and career would be big themes – as would health and balancing creativity with my corporate responsibilities.
  • The middle few months of the year would be free of close Uranus aspects, but with Uranus squaring Jupiter, faith would be tested…repeatedly.
  • Pluto was still making a close aspect to my Ascendant and was also getting closer to my Sun. More importantly, Pluto was flipping around between houses – 10 and 11 – again.

What happened in 2017?

Yep, pretty much what it said on the tin.

January was spent getting the house ready for sale. It went on the market in the last week of January and sold in three weeks for the exact price we wanted. The hard work that we’d put into fixing and de-cluttering and styling paid off.

We bought a house on the Sunshine Coast in mid-January. Luckily we were able to negotiate a long settlement on the purchase and, thanks to a rapid sale, had just a few days between finalising the sale and the purchase. In the interim, however, money was extremely tight – probably the tightest it had been, relatively speaking, in the entire 28 years we’ve been together. All of that required an awful lot of faith – in ourselves, each other, what we were doing, and the future. We were moving up without (at that point) any form of income and knew that we’d be living off savings until something came up.

Hubby and daughter moved up to the Sunshine in February and stayed in a short-term rental while Miss T started University. I remained in Sydney to continue working and to pack up 18 years of life in the old house.

February and March was one big series of goodbyes as we left my birth family and all of our friends behind. Before I left Sydney it was decided that rather than resign, I would continue to work on a casual basis remotely. This was a huge relief and meant that we’d have some money coming in.

As for the last week of March? It looked something like this:

  • I waved goodbye to the movers on the 22nd of March as they left Sydney with all our stuff,
  • flew to the Sunshine Coast on the 23rd to help hubby to finalise the purchase settlement,
  • moved into our new home on the 24th,
  • had every single box unpacked by the 27th
  • filled the fridge, pantry and freezer for Miss T for while we were in Vietnam. We’d booked the holiday (to celebrate my 50th birthday) before we decided to move.
  • settled the sale of our Sydney house on the 28th,
  • flew back to Sydney on the 29th in order to fly out for Vietnam the following day
  • Ex-Tropical Cyclone Debbie hit the coast on the 30th leaving Miss T without power for 3 days in a house she was unfamiliar with – something she is no doubt going to remind me of in many years to come – and meant that everything we’d stocked the fridge and freezer with had to be thrown because it spoiled.

In between all of that, I still had work commitments – both corporate and freelance. This meant that even while on holidays I was working.

In short, this period was my Saturn-Moon conjunction – self-care went out the window and I was stretched beyond breaking. I finally did break on the morning of the 28th when in the midst of trying to deal with problems with the real estate in Sydney, the laundry and most of the downstairs flooded due to the movers not hooking up the washing machine correctly.

Hubby started work late in July, easing the pressure on the finances. July and August were full of repetitious and grinding work (hello, Saturn) but no major pressures. There were visits from family and a mini-break to Melbourne. We went whale watching and also took a joy flight in an open cockpit bi-plane. Winter in Queensland was sunny, blue and fabulous.

The pressure began to turn up a notch with the corporate gig in late September and is still going strong.

I’ve had the final Saturn square to my Moon and some revelations around self-care that I probably wouldn’t have had if it weren’t for the events of the Saturn station back in March.

As I write this now, Uranus is now square Jupiter and inconjunct Neptune, Saturn is square itself and Jupiter is trine my Ascendant. The themes I’m looking at as I set my goals for 2018 are independence, freedom, and what I need to do in order to build the structures of both my life and my business with a view to being financially independent in the next few years.

The astro map was pretty spot on and a good reflection of what 2017 has turned out to be. By seeing it like this – in a pictorial representation – I didn’t need to get hung up on a series of individual transits. Rather, it helped me see all the themes for the year in one viewing. It also helped me see how all of those individual transits contributed to those themes.

It doesn’t mean that there weren’t tough times, and things I didn’t see coming – that’s part of the texture that is life – but when those things did turn up, it helped me keep it all in a sort of perspective.

Next time: How to map your transits and set goals using them.