Astro Weather: January 25, 2018

Moon in Taurus

Mercury conjunct Pluto

Mercury sextile Jupiter

Ok, so if Mercury is about thought and communications, and Pluto is about depth and intensity, then together this aspect is about deep thought, penetrative thought, lifting the covers on the underlying issues, getting to the buried treasure, perhaps… It’s also a fleeting transit that could, if you need that – and are so inclined – provide you with an opportunity to influence others to your way of thinking.

Given that this is happening in Capricorn, it’s bound to be practical, and given Mercury will go on to sextile Jupiter don’t stop at the small stuff – push your thoughts past what you know and look beyond the horizon to the future.

Of course, you probably won’t do anything about it just yet, but take note for when Mercury is in Aquarius and tomorrow is here already.