Your time to shine: Leo on the cusp of houses 7-12

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© Svlumagraphica |

Firstly apologies for the super boring title, but I am seriously creatively challenged on this one!

In words with friends (my latest app based obsession- it’s war, you know!), the word Leo is not accepted. Words such as “zees”, “anion”, “retook” and “reflew”, however, are. Go figure.

In this post I intend to make it up to Leo with lots of Leo words. Words like:

Proud/ pride








Wherever Leo is in your chart is where you find pride, self expression and vitality. It is also where you may display some of the Leo shadow behaviours, such as low self esteem, lack of courage and false pride…. and the area of life where you will prefer to be treated as a King rather than a servant…

Anyways, continuing our journey around the chart, with no further ado… (and that is “ado” as in with no further fuss, rather than “adieu” as in so long, farewell auf wiedersehn goodbye)…

Leo on the cusp of the 7th house (Aquarius Rising)

With Leo on the cusp of the 7th, your partner is likely to be one who you can be proud of, perhaps has some prestige or a place in the sun on his own merits. Aquarius Rising is fixed- so is Leo. One thing is for absolutely certain- you both will have firmly held opinions.

The thing about the 7th is that we tend to look to our opposite to provide the missing pieces in the reflection we see. In the case of Aquarius Rising, you will be looking for someone to provide drama, strength and possibly even, some leadership skills.  But then again, wherever Leo is, is often the area of life where you want to wear the trousers, so to speak… Such things are essential for when you are off fighting causes or inventing stuff or doing other Aquarian things.  In any case, you are free to express your creativity through relationship or partnership.

Leo on the cusp of the 8th house (Capricorn Rising)

Dare I say creative and self expression through sex and power? Sounds interesting…

The 8th also is about investments and other peoples money- and you may place a great deal of energy into this area. In fact, your self esteem and pride may be tied into how well and how creatively you manage your debts and investments and shares or know about business and taxes and all of those other fascinating things.

Leo on the cusp of the 9th house (Sagittarius Rising)

Whatever your faith or spiritual belief or personal soapbox stand is- you will be proud of it, fixed to it, creative with it, and have the charisma to sell it to others.

Travel and expansion of your personal horizons vitalize and energise you- especially if it happens to be somewhere with a swim up bar and quiet luxury.

So too knowledge- or rather the quest for knowledge. With Leo on the cusp of the 9th, long term study doesn’t phase you- your staying power is strong enough to get through even the most lengthy PHD process…and when you get there, your pride in your achievement will be completely justified.

Leo on the cusp of the 10th house (Scorpio Rising)

Ok, by now you know the drill. Pride and vitality is associated with wherever Leo happens to be. On the 10th (or Midheaven), you are proud of your ambitions, the achievements in your public life and the image you present to the world. No matter what your career- and that includes anything from President to Stay at Home Mum to lobbying for better access for disabled kids to business analyst- you need to shine (and be seen to shine) in order to feel great about yourself.

You have natural leadership potential and charisma and prefer to be in charge- this allows you to bring great energy to your role- whatever that is. You need to be recognized for your accomplishments.

Leo on the cusp of the 11th house (Libra Rising)

You shine in your own social circle. In groups, others naturally look to you as the leader. You are the centre of attention here, and loving it.

If your friends have social standing, fame or other prestige, whilst not necessary, so much the better- you draw pride from the groups you are in, but also strength and respect.

Leo on the cusp of the 12th house (Virgo Rising)

This is backroom power broking. Centre stage is not for you- your leadership is shown behind the scenes, in the wings. This can be an issue as if no one knows what you have done, how can you receive reward and recognition for doing it? You may resent what you feel is you being taken for granted, but will seethe about it rather than confront the issue.

Self sufficiency is a source of pride, but with Virgo Rising, you do need to be of service in some way, shape or form.