Your Career & the Cosmos- the truth you can’t handle?

Some more on Pluto going direct- this time for Your Career & the Cosmos. The link is here.

Pluto is very much about truth, but Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men type of truth. The sort of truth that you may not be able to handle.

Elsewhere in the sky, the Moon is about to shake hands with Saturn in Libra for the last time this cycle. By next month Saturn will have moved into Scorpio.

On the Facebook page and twitter today we were talking a bit about the things that we’ve learned about ourselves and our relating patterns over the last couple of years. The words stability and maturity were used a lot. For those of us with Pisces Rising, we’re a little slow on the whole uptake when it comes to relationship patterns, and particularly maturity within relationships, so the move into Scorpio ends a 5 year cycle for us- 2 1/2 years with Saturn in Virgo in our 7th followed by a repetition of the message while Saturn has been in Libra.

Saturn in Libra has also raised a few questions around sugar in the diet. Sugar is a Venus ruled substance- in fact the whole business of sugar storage in the body is taken care of by Venus and Jupiter. To be technical about it, Jupiter represents glycogen- the end product.

Saturn represents restrictions, limitations and, in the body, ageing.

The burning and destruction of energy is a Mars-Saturn function. Yep, the benefics build it up and the malefics break it down. Naturally too much of either is not good- too much Venus and Jupiter can cause health problems and too much Mars and Saturn can result in ageing. The balance is somewhere in the middle- in Libra, a sign where Venus rules and Saturn is exalted…As Robert Jansky wrote in his book Astrology, Nutrition and Health, this indicates that a balanced diet is the best defence against Saturns ageing process.

Anyways, I’ve had a little bit to say about the whole sugar and Saturn in Libra thing over on Are Your Planets Keeping You Fat. I’ll be posting occasionally over there, but mostly on astro stuff related to nutrition, training and mindset. Yep, this is me building a social profile to better convince a publisher that they really should be picking up my manuscript! I’m keeping it really quite simple and real lifey, so don’t expect anything ground breaking or genius in nature! Come over and have a look if you are interested. Better yet, sign up to follow the posts.