Your Career & the Cosmos- How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?


Remember the children Von Trapp at the start of Sound of Music? All straight and good in their military uniforms and whistles. And just when everything was nice and orderly the Mother Superior decided to solve her Maria problem by sending her to the Von Trapps. Next thing you know, curtains have been turned into play clothes, rigidity has been replaced with spontaneity and rules with non conformity. The result was a romp through Salzburg so that thousands of tourists afterwards could do the same pose at the palace gates (or wherever it is the gates are…and yes, I’ve done it). All because of Maria.

Where am I going with this? To my latest post for Your Career & the Cosmos- the link is here…Tea: A Drink With Jam & Bread (Capricorn and Stress). Invite in a little Aquarius and it really is as easy as doe-ray-me…