Your Career & the Cosmos: Chaos Theory

I have a friend who is a Virgo Sun and Moon, with Capricorn Rising.

She said to me a few months ago, ‘Do you know how exhausting it is to be a Virgo? I wish I wasn’t.’

Sure, she is uber Virgo, the Virgo from the textbooks, the type of woman who’d buy a white tiled house and spend her weekends cleaning the windows.

Nothing gets in the way of her routine. If something comes up on a weekend that will impact her gym session, house-cleaning, shopping etc, she will simply get up 2 hours earlier and fit it all in. She is thin, wiry and likes nothing better than putting her husband (and anyone else she can) on a diet. She wears herself into the ground, she is unappreciated and undervalued. She doesn’t know how to get off the treadmill. She’s gone too far from order into chaos. I worry about her health.

She is also not typical.

We laugh because I am uber Pisces and strive to bring a little more Virgo into my life. I suggested that she might want to try a little Pisces…just a little. Maybe sacrifice a weekends cleaning for a day out with the family. She says if she doesn’t do it, no one will. I ask whether that matters.

I have another Virgo friend who is the opposite. Her house is a haven for dust bunnies. She is overweight and she cares little about her health these days. Why? Because she had gone so far into the chaos that she can no longer see a way out. Where to start with the housework? Why start a diet when she knows she will break it? Anything less than perfection is not an option, so why go there at all?

She is also not typical.

Yet, these are the extremes we read about in the textbooks- the reality is somebody very different. Sure the average Virgo may admit to these traits, but then again, there’s a little of the escape artist where’s my next addiction in most Pisceans as well. Me included.

I think we dwell too much on the extremes and forget to celebrate the wonderful things about our signs. I was reminded of this on my Facebook page today (thanks Amanda).

Every other Virgo in my circle fall somewhere in the middle. They are useful- and thrive on that, health conscious- and happy to offer advice, are well organised- without being over the top.

Too few of us do it.

Anyways, here is my latest post for Your Career & the Cosmos. It’s all about Virgo.


  1. Hi there,
    MY other half is a Sun, Moon and Mercury Pisces, with a Virgo North Node…the only way he knows to assimilate his Life Path Virgo is to the absolute extreme…the Pisces part then kicks in and plays the victim as ‘why do I always have to do everything?’ mantra..! As a Taurus it exhausts me..

    1. It would be exhausting! I have to really fight that tendency. Every so often it sneaks in and has to be stamped on.Taurus provides a nice solid base for Pisces though- my Scorpio hubby has a Taurus Asc & I truly need that.

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