Your Career & the Cosmos- Burn Baby Burn

© Ron Sumners |
© Ron Sumners |

With all the fire energy in the sky today and the potential for tempers to run hot hot hot, I thought it would be a great time to re-post the link to this piece- complete with an interview with Five Foot Nothing. With the Sun, Mars, Mercury and Saturn in Aries in the 4th, she fills our home with pure Aries energy. Here is the extract & the link.

Me: So what stresses you out?
Her: Being bored and having nothing to do.
Me: What about when you have heaps of homework on as well as swim training and Boot camp? Does that make you anxious?
Her: (looking at me with a what the? expression) No. Why would it? I get more energy when I have stuff to do.
Me: So, how do you like to relax?
Her: Doing stuff I like. Swimming and stuff.
Me: What about lying around watching TV- does that relax you?
Her: No, it makes me feel more tired, then I don’t want to do anything.
So there you have it- kids instinctively know what is good for them.
Aries is naturally healthy, courageous, “out there” and looking for challenge- this is the natural order of things. Inherently restless, Aries can, however, fall into the trap of creating crises and stress just so that they have a fire to put out- although this usually occurs when they are bored to start with.

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