You say it best- when you say nothing at all…

One of my closest friends has his Mercury in Pisces- just like me. Like me, his Mercury is more Piscean than the usual Pisces Mercury because it’s in the 12th house. His Mercury is better than mine because it’s direct (mine is retrograde), but also worse than mine because it’s conjunct Saturn, so I guess we are pretty well even.

The point is, we talk about stuff without talking about it- if you know what I mean. We can talk around it, or refer to it or come into it backwards, but at the end of the day we both have a pretty good idea about what’s been said- largely from what hasn’t been said. This is especially the case when we’re talking about something that neither of us really wants to talk about- it gets said without being said. We’ve had some pretty important conversations over the years using this method.

Mercury hates being in Pisces. A lot. And it really isn’t that difficult to see why. In the signs that Mercury rules- Virgo and Gemini- he has things to do, information to gather, details to take care of and lots to say. As Mercury is about how we think and communicate and learn, such occupation keeps him happy. In Pisces he has a different role entirely, and it’s not one he’s comfortable with.

Pisces has big dreams and a limitless future. Pisces feels her way through and doesn’t do data or details- that isn’t to say that she can’t, just that after analysing it she will still listen to her intuition… and often be right. Pisces is what the traditional astrologers call a mute sign- she doesn’t say much- but she communicates on so many more levels than verbal.

This isn’t to say that the communication is ineffective, but it is different- and for that reason, often misunderstood. Mercury in Pisces behaves very much like Mercury retrograde behaves.  Pisces lives in an “other” world, almost a parallel world- a world of fantasy and daydreams and where bad stuff doesn’t happen to good people and dreams can come true.

In order to perpetuate that illusion, Mercury in Pisces will evade, divert, manipulate and spin. Not usually for any malicious reason, but just to keep everyone happy and the romance alive. Where this fails, she will pop her head nicely into the sand and pretend that the bad stuff doesn’t happen…much like I declare that Saturn doesn’t exist and I really can drop this 20kgs in 2 weeks.

The biggest challenge that Mercury in Pisces has, is the ability to verbalise feelings and needs. Her message is very often elusive and illusive- disguised in something else. This frustrates other signs incredibly. Mercury in Pisces has no problems passing on messages as long as it doesn’t involve her own deepest emotions- these get stuck in her throat somewhere between head and heart and are generally communicated in other ways- through actions, songs, writing. Pisces is indeed mute, but rationalises that “if they really knew me/ loved me/ cared about me they would know how I felt.” Whatever spin is put on it, the root cause is fear of exposure and fear of rejection.

What Mercury in Pisces does say is said with imagination, perception, and sympathy. It also isn’t to say that Mercury in Pisces doesn’t retain information- we do, but in a different way. I have often said that I have the worst Mercury in history, yet from somewhere in the deepest part of my brain an amazing amount of seemingly useless trivia resides, just waiting to be brought out. The information may be disorganised and filed differently to that of people with stronger Mercury placements, but I can always find it when I need to… the connections are made by a recall of emotion. It’s why, very often, my favourite photos are not technically the best ones that I take, but rather are the ones where I capture how the image makes me feel what I felt when I looked through that lens.

This also means that Mercury in Pisces makes her choices based on emotions too, and often without an awareness of the potential consequences attached to those choices. It’s a boundary thing. It’s one of the reasons why Pisces can very often be seen as being selfish- often it’s because the outcomes have simply not occurred to her.

Mercury, like Venus, rarely strays far from the Sun, so Mercury in Pisces is only found in people who have the Sun in Aquarius, Pisces or Aries. In Aquarius, Mercury in Pisces adds imagination and creativity to invention, in Aries, Mercury in Pisces adds empathy and intuition, softening the Warrior somewhat.

A random tweet I read this morning said this nicely: “Sometimes you have to look reality in the eye and deny it.” This is very much Mercury in Pisces. While it means that we have the ability to follow our intuition and reach for the sky, in taking this attitude we also quite successfully delude ourselves- especially in regards to my ability to lose 20kgs in 2 weeks… Whats that? You mean the results they have on Biggest Loser aren’t realistic? Who would have thought?


This sound like you? If you have Neptune in close aspect to Mercury (especially by conjunction, square, or opposition) or Mercury in the 12th house it may behave very like Mercury in Pisces.