You Must Remember This

Hong Kong. Pic by me.
Hong Kong. Pic by me.

Tomorrow is my last official day at the partition job.

I have mixed feelings. A little sad, but mostly excited- although that could possibly be the taste of freedom I am sensing. Anyways I have made a pact with my boss that no mopping up will be required. Still, the whole thing is a little surreal.

I’ll let you know tomorrow whether I kept that promise.

In the meantime, there have been lots of loose ends that have needed to be tied off, so enough to make me more than a little strung out. Strung out enough that I missed Mercury direct- which ended as it begun with the promise of a catch up with an old friend.

For me, this has been the theme of this particular retrograde- re-connecting…and all in a 9th house sort of way. I have also concentrated on some re-writing in the manuscript that time forgot, a little reflecting, and a lot of remembering. Which is why the photos I will be posting over the next few weeks will have little to do with the subject of the post and more to do with my reviewing the favourite moments of the year- although todays’ are actually some of my favourite moments from the last 12 years in the partition job…a relocation of the office in Hong Kong.

I re-hashed the year that was in the annual family newsletter and have now got most of the Xmas cards done. This year I have revised my normal practice and am only sending to people without an email address. I have to say, though, you know when you have spent too many nights in a particular hotel when that hotel sends you a Xmas card. That also, is indicative of how this year has been.

Now that it is done, I do have some bits and pieces that I have deliberately put aside to deal with post Rx. Having tried to fix up a car lease once before during an Rx period (and having it unfinished until the next) I have opted this time to wait. Likewise with any decision regarding this website and how I can guarantee a little more up-time going forward. And let’s not even go near the issues I have in the one day to go partitioning job with a particular set of invoices.

My loose ends have also meant that I missed the Cancer edition of All I Want For Christmas- which is, now I come to think of it, also quite apt. Cancer is often that sign that puts the needs of the family ahead of her own…

So, without further ado:


Some nice new cookbooks would be great but could never compare to my old favourites- and seriously there is nothing wrong with the way Mum used to make it. It’s a bit like going out really, when you can prepare something just as great at home for less cost. Extra frames for family photographs always come in handy- I do have some spare room on my mantelpiece.

Suggested NY Resolutions:

This year I am going to think about me…just a little more than usual. Sometimes I might even put my needs & ambitions marginally ahead of my family…but then again…

Macau. Pic by me.
Macau. Pic by me.