You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful

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White is the new black.

Five little words that will strike abject horror into the hearts of anyone who, like me, has a compromised Venus.

I don’t avoid white because I feel that it doesn’t suit me, but rather because it rarely stays white. I inevitably spill red wine if I am wearing white. Even if I drink white wine and eat salad, white on me is magnetic- and not in a good way.

Venus in Virgo, however, can wear white… successfully. In fact, with this placement, you will be able to wear all white and have it stay white and be like those beautiful people in the holiday brochures that stroll hand in hand up the beach in filmy white linen and white bikinis. The sand will not stick & the salt water will dry clear & not sticky.

Unfortunately, Venus in Virgo has difficulty relaxing for long enough to stroll up a beach, and often has too little body confidence to do so in a bikini. This placement is usually held by people with pretty neat & trim bodies (although they don’t see this when they look in the mirror), so this is an absolute waste of white bikini.  And yes, given that I have never worn a bikini (let alone a white one) there is more than a small amount of envy in what I say.

Yet despite this amazing ability to wear white, stay clean, be trim and eat well, Venus in Virgo is in what traditional astrologers term the sign of her fall. This doesn’t mean that Venus is weak in Virgo, it means that she is in a position where she can’t use her strength, in a place which is alien to her.

Venus loves pleasure, beauty, art, food. What she doesn’t like is too much hard work, conflict, sacrifice, deprivation and details. Venus likes to be served, not be the servant and, like all planets in Virgo, Venus needs to be useful.

Venus is exalted or exaggerated in the opposite sign of Pisces where she sees the world through rose coloured glasses. In Pisces, Venus can be lazy, unrealistic, self-indulgent and oblivious to deprivation or detail.

In Virgo, Venus sees the world clearly and critically, often having altered perceptions of it and herself as a result.  In Virgo, the rose coloured glasses are off as she sees imperfections in herself that the rest of us are blind to.

In Virgo, Venus is operating within a sign that thrives on work, analyses details, is extremely conscious about what food is consumed and strives for perfection. This is not a comfortable place for her to be. In Virgo, Venus finds it difficult to relax and difficult to appreciate beauty- especially her own. She literally doesn’t know how beautiful she is.

In Virgo, Venus is earthily tactile and sensual, yet efficient, reliable, faithful and practical. Despite her  textbook reputation to nag in relationships (I make no judgement…), she will give more of herself to you than you can or will ever notice.

This all makes Venus in Virgo a difficult placement to write about. So please, if you feel that this is not you, don’t feel compelled to tell me so- and I mean that in the nicest possible way!

An un-named friend with Venus in Virgo struggles with what she describes as the checklist mentality. Absolutely gorgeous, but until recently single, she admits (retrospectively) that she (unconsciously) approached men with a checklist of sorts- both in terms of physical attributes and professional and earning capacity. Upon meeting a likely candidate he would be assessed and discounted.  She also discloses that the “qualities” on her list were really “quantities” to be ticked off and accounted for.  As she said to me, if anyone had ever told her that this was what she did with men, she would have fervently denied it, but in hindsight knows it to be true.

In actual fact, the checklist was there because she didn’t believe that she was special enough to attract someone who would think that she was perfect enough. The concept of “good enough” is a difficult one for Venus in Virgo.

Stylistically, she doesn’t like a fuss. Dangly bits around wrists are a distraction, as are flounces and frills and anything else that can get in the way. Her clothes are serviceable, fit for purpose and will generally last the distance. She likes to look neat, and usually does. Naturally this will be tempered a tad by where her Sun is. As an example, a Leo woman with Venus in Virgo, will lend more colour and drama (and generally with better shoes) than will the Virgo Sun and  Libra Sun will always offer a little more restrained style…remembering that Venus doesn’t stray more than 2 signs from the Sun.

Men with Venus in Virgo are looking for a woman with Virgo traits or a busy 6th house- physically she will be trim (but maybe concerned about those wobbly bits she worries about on her thighs), tidy and clean (but will tell you that her house is a pigsty and she just closes the door on the mess); mentally she will be quick, organised and disciplined (but fail to see that in herself), and sexually she will be faithful. She will either be able to deal with the details of life for him or hand these concerns straight across to him. She will most likely be interested in health and nutrition (but often will say that she isn’t)… and she will be able to wear white.

Does this sound like you? It may do if you are Virgo woman, either a man or a woman with Venus in Virgo or someone with Venus in the 6th house.

And yes, the title of this post is a One Direction song. Sure it was a promise to Miss 14 to use, but you know what? The lyrics fit!

and when you smile at the ground it ain’t hard to tell…you don’t know…you don’t know you’re beautiful…


  1. Aloha Jo,
    What a great post! Love it. I am a white-wearing Venus in Virgo. (Moon in Taurus makes me less health-conscious than I’d like to be. And yes, my Sun in Leo influences by wardrobe. 🙂 I feel like you’ve described me nearly to a T: likes to be served, not to be the servant; and “she will either be able to deal with the details… or hand these concerns straight across to him.” WOW. As for not knowing my own beauty–it may be that Venus in Virgo, attractive or not, doesn’t think it really matters. It’s not her go-to tool/weapon.
    Anyway, just wanted to say how much I enjoyed and appreciate this post. Thank you! 🙂

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