Worth the Wait? I Don’t Think So!

I saw this post today on Mamamia (well worth a read) about delayed gratification. As I am reading, I am mentally ticking off:

  • Skip to the end page of a book while halfway through? Yep
  • Google movie spoilers? Yep
  • If I need something I need it now? Yep

I have Venus in Aries and trust me, when I want something, I am going to want to hunt it down Right Now. And with Venus square Jupiter, I want a lot…Right Now. When it comes to Xmas and Birthdays I am a nightmare to buy for, because everything I want I have already got. Yes, I am probably a spoiled bitch, but seriously, half the time I change my mind before I go after something anyway.

With me, being told I can’t have something or have to wait for it would simply mean a short, sharp tanty followed by a quick flip to my next project, passion or must have.

I have a friend with Venus in Scorpio who is painstakingly putting away money each week for a special weekend she wants to take her husband on. For her the anticipation will make it so much sweeter- especially when she breaks out the new lingerie saved for the occasion. Speaking of which…anything new? I have to wear it immediately.

Another friend with Venus in Taurus is waiting for a particular man she knows and wants…and has been for some time. For her sake I sure hope that he is worth it. What about Venus in Virgo- if the time (or the finances or the situation) is never exactly right, well, you never do it! Although my mother (Venus in Aquarius) says “you can’t miss what you don’t have, Joanne”…yes, she is one of only a couple of people in this world who call me that- even when I’m not in trouble!

I know the argument for waiting is that the taste is so much sweeter- sort of like the first time you kiss someone after wanting to for so long. They say that if you get it easily it isn’t worth as much, but what if when you get it, it really wasn’t worth the wait? To use the same analogy, what if he is a crap kisser? All that time that you could have spent doing something else?

Thinking about the opportunity cost of delaying gratification:

  • What if the ending of the book is really disappointing? You can save yourself the time reading the middle and being really disappointed.
  • What if the movie ends with the dog dying? By googling the spoiler you don’t need to put yourself through that.
  • What if you miss out on something better in the meantime?

How does your Venus reflect what you want and how long you are prepared to wait to get it?