Working it out…


Miss T doesn’t stress much about much.

Despite her extreme Aries (Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Mars) she has an innate practicality (Capricorn Rising). She also has an enviable ability to put most things into perspective and rarely does the diva teenage tantrum thing. I thank her Aquarius Moon for that.

She’s now at that age where she’s being asked to look at options for work experience…and has no idea what she wants to do. It’s a nice problem to have- options, that is.

In a couple of months she’ll be choosing subjects for her last 2 years at school. These subjects will have to take into consideration whatever she wants to do at Uni- indeed, if she wants to go to Uni. And obviously, whatever she wants to do at Uni- indeed if she wants to go to Uni- will be based on what she wants to do after school.

I wrote a bit more about the options over at and anyways. The link is here.

Anyways, she asked me what I thought she should do.

My answer was simple- whatever you want to do.

I’m hopeful that she’ll gravitate to something that will suit her chart.

At the moment she’s talking about the police or the defence forces, but the other day she mentioned Occupational Therapy. The one thing she’s absolutely positive about is she doesn’t want to work in a traditional office.

Given that she has the Moon (conjunct Neptune) in Aquarius and Venus (conjunct Uranus) there as well, I think she’s probably showing a lot of self -awareness.

With a truckload of Aries planets, she needs a challenge and something she can really go after. With Capricorn on the Ascendant, she’s an absolute workhorse and has a lot more tolerance than the average Aries. I think she has the ability to run her own business one day.

It’s her Midheaven I’m most interested in. With Virgo on the cusp of the 10th, I can see bodywork or OT as suiting her. Mercury rules her career zone and is in Aries conjunct her chart ruler (Saturn), her Sun and Mars.

I haven’t told her any of this. I want her to make her own mind up, and I don’t want to influence her. I’ll guide her (if she needs guidance), I’ll remind her to keep her options open and I’ll tell her that it’s ok not to know.

The funny thing is, the school is investing a truckload of dollars in getting the kids to sit career testing. It sort of scares me as well- to me the answer sitting in her birth chart is a more accurate profile than anything artificial that one of these testing companies can come up with.


What did you want to do when you left school? Did you do it, or follow some other path completely?

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