Wish You Were Here: Picking the date…


With very little fanfare and more than the usual amount of release day nerves, Wish You Were Here is now out and available on Amazon.

As I always do, I used a bit of electional astrology to choose the best available time to press publish on this. It’s one of the many advantages of indie publishing. However, as an astrologer, that’s not as easy as it sounds.

Electional charts– which is what we call picking the date charts- are actually quite complicated.

Generally speaking, you want to make the most of both the potential of your chart, the planets in your chart that represent whatever it is that you’re doing, and the transits for when you want to be doing it- within the window of time available to you.

Yes, it’s a stand-alone chart, but one that you want to have an appropriate relationship with to your natal chart- if at all possible.

It’s a lengthy process and, given that there are also usually time constraints involved, it’s a process that won’t necessarily guarantee success, but rather maximise your chances of success- considering all other factors.

Before you ask- I don’t do these commercially. I have neither the time nor the inclination. If, however, you are interested in a pick the date chart, I can refer you some names.

The date I’ve come up with isn’t perfect- far from it- but it’s ok. Here’s how I came up with it:

What are my aims in this project?

This book is my third, and I remain realistic about the chances of overnight success. Having said that, it’s further consolidating what I intend to be a career in writing and publishing that will take me beyond my current borders. I therefore want Jupiter or Sagittarius or the 9th house to be prominent. Given that I’m using words like “consolidation”, Saturn should also be looking ok.

What timeframe do I have to work within?

My leading man in this book is a Scorpio. He’s strong, he’s magnetic, he’s intensely loyal, and at times he doesn’t use his words very well. In many ways, he’s the perfect romantic lead. Because he is a Scorpio, I wanted this novel to be released during Scorpio season. But when?

Given that I work 4 days a week, I’m limited to before 6.30am or after 7pm Monday-Thursday, anytime Friday and weekends.

What planets do I want to be well placed?

  • This book is my creative baby, therefore it’s represented by the 5th house. In my chart, that house is ruled by the Moon. The Moon, therefore, should be in a sign suited to it, and if possible, in a prominent position in the chart. Failing that, if it could feed into either my midheaven or the grand water trine in my chart, it would be perfect.
  • Ultimately, writing is my career. Given that my career is ruled by Sagittarius, I want Jupiter to be as well placed as I can make it. This effectively means no difficult aspects to anything. Jupiter is associated with travel and publication and expansion- everything I want from this project.
  • Mars is strong in my natal chart, so I wanted to maximise on this in the release chart.

What about Mercury?

Ah yes, Mercury.

Mercury is, after all, the planet of communication. Jupiter might represent publication, but Mercury gets the message across.

What I came up with…

The chart I came up with is below.


There are a number of aspects between it and my own that called out to me:


Mercury and the Sun are at the same degree as my natal Mars. I could have waited until later in the day for them to be cazimi, but this occurred at 4 Scorpio, and I really wanted that 3 Scorpio to be prominent in the release chart.

The Moon is exactly opposite my Sun. This means it sits conjunct my Pluto, and on the descendant of my chart. In doing so, it feeds directly into the grand water trine/kite.

Uranus at 22 Aries is at the same degree as my natal Uranus. Plus, in this chart, it’s sitting on the descendant- where mine sits. Still on the descendant, it’s at the degree of my Venus. Plus, it’s prominence seems to fit with the theme of this story.

Venus and Saturn are in Sagittarius and fall in the 2nd house of the release chart, and the 9th house of my chart- almost conjunct my Midheaven.

Mars is very strong indeed. In Capricorn, with still some oomph from Pluto, Mars forms a number of aspects to my natal chart: trine my natal Pluto, sextile my Sun, square Venus and in the 11th house of goals, dreams and wishes.

I’m sure there are more perfect times to launch a novel, but this was the perfect available time for this novel. It doesn’t guarantee success, but it does give my book baby the best possible start in life.

What’s the novel about?

What’s it about? It’s got a little bit Escape to the Country, a little bit Bake-off and a touch of Gardening Australia… It’s also about movement: moving on, moving out, moving past, moving forward, moving through, moving together.

The back cover blurb?

Sometimes home is a person not a place …

Max Henderson loves her life in the idyllic English village of Brookford. Her family is nearby, and her job allows her to indulge her passion for growing, cooking and writing about food.

When Max’s husband, James, tells her he’s been transferred to New York, Max is thrilled for him ‒ it’s the role he’s always aspired to. But as excited as she is for James, she’s torn between the thought of leaving her home, the people she cares about and her own ambitions, and the possibility of a new start for her and James. To complicate matters, the New York move is just the first in a series of blows that leave Max reeling.

If Max follows her heart, will she have to leave her dreams behind? Or can they guide her home to the man she loves?

Interested? The link to the Aussie Amazon store is here and the US store is here. To celebrate the release, it’s available for $2.99USD (I think that converts to $3.99AUD) for a short time only. In fact, you can also get Big Girls Don’t Cry or Baby, It’s You at $2.99.