Windmills of Your Mind


The other day I posted a quick comment about Jupiter’s impending ingress into Gemini on the Facebook page for this blog.

(Ingress is just a fancy pantsy technical name us astrologers use when we want to impress people- that essentially means a planet is changing signs).

Jupiter spends around 12 months or so (depending on retrograde- another fancy pantsy technical word- periods) in each sign, so travels around the entire zodiac every 12 years. For some reason this past 12 months or so in Taurus has seemed longer than the previous 12 months or so in Aries.

For all those people who have taken the more is more and abundance is wonderful attitude of Jupiter in Taurus, and translated that literally into weight gain (yep, my hand is in the air), Jupiter in Gemini is generally a “skinnier” transit. And yes, if you are heavily influenced by Jupiter, this does make a difference (although given that is a chapter in the book I am writing, I won’t give the ending away here…).

Anyways, the other day in the comment I posted on the FB page, I mentioned that Jupiter in Gemini is traditionally in the sign of its detriment. Immediately readers who have Jupiter in Gemini were quick to jump on and say that they disagreed with the whole “detriment” thing.

Personally I don’t like the word “detriment” (when a planet is in the sign opposite to that it rules) or “fall” (when a planet is in a sign opposite to where it is exalted). Both words imply something bad or weak. In a horary chart it is an extremely important distinction, but in a natal chart?

To me, the term “detriment” when used in a natal chart, indicates that the planet is operating in a different mode to that it specialises in, or is comfortable in.  Not bad, but different.

Having said that, when a planet in a horary chart is in detriment of fall and it signifies what you are asking about, it usually is absolutely not good… It also makes a heap of difference in regards to financial astrology, but we’re not going there right now.

In the case of Jupiter, the planet of faith, expansion and opportunity is moving into a sign that is all about thinking, curiosity, and communication. Too much thinking, too much curiosity and too much exchange of ideas messes with optimism and faith…but that is not necessarily a bad thing.

When you have Jupiter in Gemini you seek to expand your own horizons through learning…about everything, by talking…to everyone, and by thinking…about all possibilities.

With Jupiter in Gemini, optimism is not blind, it is proven by detail, the meaning of life is coloured by your wide ranging interests, and your faith is in rationality and logic.

In his book Exploring Jupiter, Stephen Arroyo illustrates the point against the detriment argument by using the examples of Charles Dickens, Arthur Conan Doyle, Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell. In the case of each, details were seamlessly melded together to create a larger work. Jupiter in Sagittarius or Pisces(the signs he rules) can’t be faffed with details- it’s the big picture or the horizon that counts.

Another side of Jupiter in Gemini is how people with this placement can usually find a reason not to believe in something- that is until it has been proven with supporting discussions. Jupiter in Virgo (also in its detriment) is the same…In contrast, in the signs that Jupiter rules, Sagittarius and Pisces, belief and hope is usually unquestioning- and that isn’t necessarily a good thing either.

With Jupiter in Gemini, you will most likely have the gift of the gab, a completely open mind and a bottomless well of curiosity. Why accept something purporting itself to be a fact when you can ask “why”…or a series of “whys”?

Jupiter in Sagittarius can be so caught up in a belief system that they close their minds to other possibilities. Jupiter in Gemini is exactly the opposite- willing to not only listen to, but actively consider different viewpoints. This is the key to their self expansion/ self improvement.

Jupiter in Sagittarius can preach. Jupiter in Gemini listens and chats. Get the idea?