Are Your Planets Keeping You Fat? Capricorn

Why I’m Getting Rid of Goals

The other day I wrote about cutting the crap, getting rid of the things that weight you down.

It was all part of the Pluto direct thing.

Today, as the Moon is in Capricorn and moving towards her monthly exchange of business cards with Pluto, I’ve decided that one of the things that’s weighing me down is goals.

There. I said it.

I’m letting go of them. I’m setting them free to go and sit on someone elses shoulder.

It’s all part of my quest to become more mindful and more focused.

But surely goals keep you focused?

In theory, yes, but I’m using them as a reason to beat myself up, and I no longer need that.

So, in true Uranus square mode, I’m doing something a little unexpected. I’m throwing goals out the window.

That’s not to say that I won’t let them back in at some point, just that for now I don’t think they are doing me any favours.

Having a goal tends to scatter my attention across all the things that I should be doing to achieve that goal.

It seems a little weird that I make this decision when the Moon is in Capricorn. Capricorn needs to have a goal. Emotionally, it makes her feel safe and secure when there is something to strive for. It’s a Saturn thing.

Instead of feeling secure, I’m feeling out of control- and all the Pluto in my chart doesn’t feel good with that.

There is other stuff I need to let go of. I know that. I have some pretty toxic crap buried deep that must be decomposing nicely by now. I’m also, for reasons you don’t need to know about, clinging to a version of myself that is past its use by date. Instead of being all that I can be though, I continue to hide behind a perceived failure of goals that aren’t met. I wrote a bit about that here.

So I’m cutting out the middle man.

Instead, I’ll focus mindfully on just one habit a week. Something realistic, something I can be fully aware of.

It seems to me to be the emotionally mature thing to do. To me, it’s getting real. And isn’t that what the Capricorn Moon is all about?

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Well, I’ve decided to quit colouring my hair and go au natural salt ‘n’ pepper before my zero bday next year – wonder what’s bouncing round my chart ! ?

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