Where is the Server? A Horary Chart


Regular readers will know that I have been doing some facility relocations recently- it is part of my partition job, and actually one of the parts I like the best. During the most recent move a server went missing somewhere between Adelaide and Brisbane.

So, where is it?

Horary astrology is, to quote the master John Frawley (from his book The Horary Textbook) “the art of drawing specific answers to specific questions from an astrological chart set for the time the question is asked.”

A traditional technique, charts can be drawn for any specific question from “how does he feel about me?” to “should I take the job?” to “when will the tradesman turn up?” to “should I stay or should I go?” to “where the flip is this flipping server?”

So, for keen students of traditional astrology, here is the chart for the minute that I asked the question plus some of my ideas from the chart. But please, if anyone has any ideas, send them on through! It may be old, but it is much loved and missed. And, as is usual with missing items, domestic blindness counts for a lot & someone un-related may just see what we have missed…or may read the chart completely different to me &, in so doing, find the flipping server.

Step 1- What planet signifies the missing server?

We need to find the significators of the server. Usually moveable possessions are signified by the 2nd house, but in this case, the server doesn’t belong to me, it belongs to the company I work for. My job (and my boss) is signified by the 10th house, so the server is the 2nd house from the 10th, ie the 11th house. The sign on the cusp of the 11th house is Taurus, the ruling planet of Taurus is Venus. Therefore Venus could be the missing server. We call the ruling planets of the sign on each cusp the “Lord” of that house. But each planet also is the natural ruler of something, and Mercury rules computers and computing equipment, so we will keep this in mind as well.

Step 2- Will it be found?

Are there any applying aspects between the significators? In this case, is there likely to be an aspect formed between Lord 10 (Mars, my boss) and Lord 11 (Venus) or Mercury (the server). If there are no applying aspects it is pointless looking for it any further- it is unlikely to be found.

In this case, Venus (at 3 Pisces) makes no aspect to Mars (at 27 Pisces). And Mercury? Mercury is stationary about to turn retrograde. Mercury will, however, meet up with Mars when Mars is Aries and Mercury is retrograde. I reckon we will get it back.

Step 3- Where is it?

This is where horary is difficult for lost objects. With just 12 houses and 7 planets (in horary astrology we use only the traditional 7 planets- Saturn signifies the limits to which planets can be seen by the naked eye & we treat outer planets in horary much like a fixed star) to signify every possible position and situation, well, you can only imagine. At least for job or love questions, the outcomes are substantially more limited. Does he love you? The answer is generally yes, no, or he just wants a shag.

Planets within 5 degrees of a house cusp in the same sign as that house cusp are said to be within that house (in horary astrology). Mercury is therefore in the 10th. If I didn’t know that the premises in both Adelaide and Brisbane had been thoroughly searched I would take the guess that it was there.

What other (increasingly loose) guesses can I come up with? Mercury is at the top of the chart, so it is somewhere north or up high-ish. It is in a fire sign, so it is somewhere hot and dry. Hmmm maybe it made it to Brisbane and is on a shelf somewhere? Brisbane has, after all, dried out again now. I think I will contact the courier company & get them to check in their Brisbane warehouse…again… Anyone else with any ideas?