Aries Venus

when Wonder Woman hooked up with Superman…


Venus and Mars are currently together in the Mars ruled fire sign of Aries. While the conjunction won’t be exact for 24 hours, they are at the same degree now and the energy will be with us for the next few days.

What does this mean?

At it’s most basic it means that what you want and the energy you’re prepared to put in to get it are aligned. That has to be a good thing….right?

It depends…doesn’t it always?

Mars and Venus are the archetypal male and female energies, so whenever they meet up, there is a passionate, sexual energy to it.  Hold that thought.

Any planet in Aries has their behaviour altered by Aries. It’s how they operate for that period of time.

In Mars ruled Aries, Venus behaves in a way that is not comfortable for her. She’s impulsive, she’s competitive, she’s determined, she’s challenging and she’s not at all passive. She’s an Amazon…she’s Wonder Woman…she’s Xena…and she’s prepared to do what it takes to get what she wants.

She’s not a princess- that’s not a bad thing, but she isn’t the typical feminine archetype. She’s something very different and completely wonderful.

Mars in Aries is, however, the quintessential male archetype.

So when the two come together in Aries, sparks will fly in a mighty, mighty way.

There’s also likely to be competition.

Competition, when healthy is not a bad thing. However, if you find yourself butting heads for the sake of butting heads or the sake of having the last word, it might be time to take a step back and look for a position of cooperation or compromise. Check that you’re fighting a battle that’s worth fighting, rather than fighting for the sake of fighting…or for the sake of making up. I’ll leave that one with you. Be clear, I’m talking about the clashing of two independent wills here.

The other thing about Aries is the ego.

The Sun is exalted in Aries, so ego is an especially big deal. And one of the best ways to satisfy our ego is through relationship with another.

Here’s the thing, these stars are great for starting something new, for having some fun, but, unless there is something else happening of a significant nature in your chart, a Venus/Mars conjunction will not usually be enough to signify a game changing relationship. This is especially the case in Aries, where things are done and decisions are made on impulse. If you’re starting something new with someone new under this transit, bear that in mind.

Another way in which we express ourselves is through creativity- and we are all creative in some way. Whether you express yourself through words, pictures, art, photography, dance, music, cooking or doing something for others, it’s still self expression…and self expression is creative.

Above all, in Aries, don’t over think it. Aries energy is enthusiastic and vital so you know what? JFDI- Just Flipping Do It!