When Two Tribes Go to War

The last Saturday in September is one of the most important days in the Australian sporting calendar and, therefore, in the Australian year. Second only to the horse race held on the first Tuesday in November.  Today was the Grand Final for Australian Rules football held in Melbourne…all the major sporting events happen in Melbourne (although as a Sydney girl I shouldn’t be saying stuff like that).

Anyways, todays contest held under an Aries Moon was between (my team) St Kilda and Collingwood. How fitting to have two teams of extremely alpha males deciding a competition under an Aries Moon? And, like the other major contest in August (the Prime Ministerial race) it ended in a draw- the 3rd time in history…prompting some brilliant tweets:

@keziahhill For non Oz people we’ve just had a football grand final and just like our recent Federal Election, it’s a draw. Torture ends next Saturday.

@annabelcrabb Okay. Let’s settle it by modern pentathlon. And I mean ultra modern. As in, the last round is Guava Snow Egg.

@liam_b So the AFL has learnt from the recent Federal election and realized a draw brings increased interest and potential revenue.

@annabelcrabb Oh my Lord. Can we not settle ANYTHING in this country?

@rove1974 Hung parliament and hung AFL grand final. What is going on Australia?

And my personal favourite

@petegoodlet Nothing like a hung football final 🙂

So, Mad Monday celebrations cancelled and we do it all again next Saturday.

I cast a horary chart last night for kick off time and had fearlessly forecast St Kilda by a nose.

Why? Because in my chart:

St Kilda (my team) was represented by Saturn (we use traditional rulerships in horary) in Libra.

Collingwood (the opposition) is represented by the Sun.

Saturn is exalted in Libra and the Sun is weakened in Libra. Saturn is therefore stronger than the Sun. Both are conjunct, but Saturn is under the rays of the Sun, and weakened accordingly. Saturn is also in exact aspect to each of the nodes. I predicted in a 5 second prediction, St Kilda by a nose.

In retrospect, that conjunction is probably the key part of the chart…but would welcome any other comments from other traditional astrologers! So, we do it all again next week…


AFL Grand Final Chart
AFL Grand Final Chart

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