When All is Said and Done

Ulu Watu, Bali. Pic by me.
Ulu Watu, Bali. Pic by me.

Mothers are supposed to throw little pearls of wisdom to their kids. I happen to think I am giving my daughter the best possible start to life with gems like:

  • No matter how late, tired or drunk you are- take your make-up off before you go to bed or
  • Italian waiters are born not made- and should be admired as such or
  • Even if he does look like McDreamy, true love rarely happens at first kiss- which makes it even more fun.

My Mum was perhaps a little more practical:

  • No blood, no noise
  • You’re not really sick and are not staying home to ruin my day and
  • If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all

It’s the last of these that has been important this week, and goes a long way to explain my continued absence from this blog.

This week I have been flat as a tack and overly emotional. Seriously overly emotional. This week has had a lot of endings and “last times” in the partition job, and today I said goodbye to a wonderful and loyal colleague and friend. Having said that, there is really no need for goodbyes in this era of Facebook, but an ending is still an ending with the never ending potential to become a beginning.

I still have a few more of these over the next month or so, with a biggie coming just before Xmas, so please bear with me.

Which allows me to segue neatly into Neptune turning direct. When the big guys station direct or retrograde, they become exaggerated versions of themselves. These last few days have therefore been very Neptunian, which makes me even more exaggeratedly Piscean. Pass the tissues please.

Tomorrow mornings’ Full Moon (Sydney time 7.16am, East Coast US 3.16pm, West Coast US 12.16pm) is all about letting go, focusing on the good things, the things that make you feel good and comfortable, routines. At 18 Taurus/18 Scorpio, the spotlight is firmly shining on where you could do with a little contentment and familiarity, a little indulgence.

Elsewhere, Mars is about to move into Virgo. Where he will stay for many many months. I will post last years piece on this, so read it carefully as the energy will be dusty indeed until July 2012. Yep, you heard me right.

Until next time…