What’s new?

Ok, I haven’t been around here much lately – and that probably won’t be changing for a little while yet. What have I been up to instead?

  • My partition job is keeping me occupied. Given that is my main, ok, only source of income, it gets priority.
  • I have my current novel due to my editor by 31 July – and the next due by 31 August.
  • I’m working on a presentation for the Romance Writers of Australia conference in just a few weeks.
  • In addition to that I’m working on adapting the Toolbox into a series of ebooks.

I haven’t been completely missing in action from here though. You might have noticed some changes to the format of the website – and there are more still to come.

I’ve organised the top level menu on the website so you can quickly and easily find what you’re looking for – and that includes the first 24 lessons in the Toolbox series.

Go have a scout and a click around…there’s more to come – but probably not until I get through the next couple of weeks of deadlines!