what happens when…

We’ve been “camping” this weekend down in Eucumbene- a locality rather than a town- about 40mins south west of Cooma in the snowy mountains of NSW. But don’t quote me on the “west” bit- I’ve never been great with directions. Anyways, it is about a 6 hour drive (depending on whether you get stuck behind knob-heads who don’t know how to overtake in the stretch between Canberra & Cooma) from Sydney.

We stayed in a cabin owned by my uncle with my brother and his family of 5. No internet, no phone reception, no TV. And very cold. My brother slept in his swag outside. When he rolled it up this morning there was an outline in the fresh snow. I got most of the brains in the family…and very little of the adventure.

So, looking at the photo above, what star sign would you expect my brother to be?

Yep, you got it- an Aries. Not just a normal run of the mill Aries, but a triple Aries- Ascendant, Sun and Mars in Aries. He also has a 12th house Pisces Moon- which explains the swag outside away from it all. He finds solo camping completely regenerative. I love him for that.

So, this is what happens when Pisces goes camping with Aries.

Actually it was an interesting weekend. My brother and my daughter are both Aries. My sister in law and my niece and I are all Pisceans, and my husband and my nephew are Scorpios. The baby lion cub is a Leo…so it was all fire and water…bliss.

Back to normal astro transmissions tomorrow.

the bonfire was all completely legal, completely safe and part of my uncles’ normal fire clearing activities during the winter months.