What Eric the Vampire taught me about Virgo…or how Virgo is like the Harbour Bridge…

Sydney Harbour Bridge. Pic by me.
Sydney Harbour Bridge. Pic by me.

Nan: The downstairs is clean…it’s been wiped.

Eric: I’m a Virgo, I like to be neat.

True Blood, Series 3

I have been home sick over the last couple of days and used the time productively to catch up on series 3 of True Blood (my guilty pleasure, and yes, I am very definitely team Eric, but that werewolf Alsice is pretty damn hot and as for all the other were-creatures and shape shifters…enough already?).

Anyways, back to Eric and his neatness…and is always, well, neat. By neat, I mean he keeps himself a lot tidier than the rest of the cast. Lol.

Interestingly, this is the most common phrase you hear in connection with Virgos, yet also the most common reason Virgos will cite when telling you that they aren’t real Virgos. It’s true, many Virgos, no, let’s make that most Virgos, have problems with house work- whether it is doing it or not doing it or worrying about not doing it or worrying that you think you should be worried about doing it or not doing it.

And really, that isn’t surprising- it’s sort of like painting the Harbour Bridge- it’s never actually finished. Like every day when I clean the kitchen bench of all the mail and yesterdays’ shopping and magazines and stray garlic cloves and by the time dinner is on the table, it’s a mess again. Perfection is fleeting and elusive.

Virgo has two choices- to chase the perfection and the subsequent angst with incessant cleaning or to leave it be and deal with the guilt and come to terms with any fleeting ideas of not being good enough.

I have known Virgos from both sides. At the one extreme was the Virgo who lived in a white tiled and many mirrored and windowed white walled house who was driven nearly mad by the impossibility of keeping all that glass smear free. Another removed all knick knacks from furniture so that she had completely bare surfaces and walls that she dusted daily.

At the other end of the spectrum is the Virgo that shrugs her shoulders and decides that there is no way she can make the house perfect, so there is no point in trying. One friend, a Virgo Ascendant, lives like this. Her house is hygienically clean, but incredibly messy- to the extent that she has no idea where to even start.

She feels guilty…and her space at work is exactly the opposite- because that is a space that she can control.  At home she can shut the door on her smelly teenagers bedroom and attempt to forget about it. At work, she is organisation personified.

And therein lies the Virgo dilemma, the Virgo contradiction, and the Virgo resistance…but the explanation doesn’t make any of my Virgo examples any more or less Virgo. It does make them Virgo. Pure. And. Simple.

One of the best responses I had to my Facebook request for song ideas for Virgo came from a very self aware Virgo friend: Hehehe if only there was a song called ‘Your not doing it right, here let me!’