what are you really hungry for?


Yesterday on the Facebook page I mentioned that I’ve had the urge to binge for much of this week. The last few days have been worse.

I’m back on my anti candida thing, so have been avoiding sugar, yeast and a few other no nos for the sake of my tummy- and my scales…but boy have I been going through the leftovers, the cruskits and cottage cheese (the rye ones have no wheat and no sugar), the noodle soups (fresh rice noodles and home made chicken stock), the poached chicken.

It’s all been good, nutritious food, but there’s been way too much of it.

As I always do when I’m in one of these moods is I look at where Mars is, what it’s doing…I also look at what’s happening with my own Mars.

I look at what I’m really hungry for.

This came up on the Facebook page yesterday.

The thing about Taurus is abundance, but not in a Jupiter gather ye all your experiences and beliefs, but in a more is more, keep the cold winter at bay type of thing. It’s the energy of consolidation, security, productivity and storage.

Taurus, as we know, is a sensual sign. Taste is important, as is smell, sight and texture. Taurus is also about the throat, so it’s no wonder that with this many planets in Taurus, many of us (and not just those of us with Taurus leanings) are turning to comfort eating when we either don’t know what we really want or, for whatever reason, we are not getting off our butts and going after it. It’s a Mars thing.

Perhaps you have a good excuse, perhaps you just think it’s a good excuse. Perhaps you’re afraid of being rejected, of losing control, of being ridiculed, of losing something. They’re all good excuses. They’re all valid excuses.

Maybe you’ll do a bit of hand to mouth action while you mull it over. Maybe you’ll you’ll start tomorrow, take the plunge tomorrow, step into the light tomorrow. After you consider your options, and the consequences, and once that packet of tim tams is empty.

Venus in Taurus is also about indulgence and gratification, and yesterday, with the Moon squaring Venus, you too may have felt those tendencies.

Now I know that not every one with Taurus planets has issues with comfort eating. Just like not everyone with Pisces planets will have issues with boundaries. The thing is, unless you are blessed with plenty of Saturn and amazing willpower, or are in the middle of falling in love, or riding a high from some incredible success (and if this is you, give yourself a great big pat on the back) or in the centre of something so truly shitty that your appetite for everything has gone, you might be feeling something that is a lot like a craving.

For many of the rest of us, business as usual, the “what ifs” or the “could bes” may have left you with a craving that doesn’t seem to be satisfied by normal portion sizes.  You may be still hungry. And it won’t be for food.

Some of you may be indulging this craving with shopping- I did a little of that the other day with beauty products. I needed an eyebrow pencil and came away with a new bronzer, a lip gloss and a great new purple nail polish…oh, and the eyebrow pencil. But I still felt unsatisfied.

Over the next couple of days, with the Moon in Pisces, the tendency to over eat, over shop, over whatever may run high- simply because you don’t realise that you’re doing it. It’s a boundary thing.

If this is you, take a step back and ask yourself whether that craving is really for mac cheese or something else entirely. What are you really craving?

Ask yourself what you’re really hungry for.