What About Me? New Moon in Virgo

Eden, NSW. Pic by me.
Eden, NSW. Pic by me.

As I write this, I am propped up in bed with my laptop. Hubby has just brought me in a coffee and some toast (bloody good hotel this one) and I am looking with a mix of disdain, frustration and annoyance at the patch of wall above my window which needs painting after the curtains were pulled down.

Which naturally leads my eye to the patch of unpainted square that needs to be touched up after the overhead fan was taken out (ahem, 2 years ago) and a similar shaped circle in the ceiling from the same cause. Not to mention the skirtings and trims which I started to paint a couple of months ago and really need to set aside about 10000 hours to finish.

Which takes me into the dining room and the light that I bought ages ago that needs a sparkie…which I also need to put a power point into the end room so the 2nd TV we got nearly a year ago can be taken out of its box and switched on. And, just how long is that carton of wine that got delivered last week going to sit at the front door for? And don’t even get me started on the garden, or getting those trees taken out and…

So, why don’t I get out of bed and make a start on any of it? Why didn’t I do it yesterday? Too much running around and hubby had football grand finals and TTM (Taller Than Me) had places she needed to be. And today we are doing an early Fathers Day and next weekend I will be in New Zealand. Hmmmm priorities?

I could pay someone to do it, but that would be a waste when I am perfectly capable of doing it myself and then I have to make sure I am home for access which causes a problems with the stupid meeting times that are booked in at work at the moment and that are stuffing up my whole routine. Sure I should decline, but that wouldn’t be right, so I will resent it, grit my teeth and change around my normal after work activities like gym and domestic diva stuff and work at the normal after work time.

So instead of actually doing anything about it, I will just sit here for a bit longer and beat myself up about how nothing ever gets finished or fixed or put away in this house unless I do it myself and given that I am still in bed….

If you were out last night, you would probably have noticed the absence of the Moon. Yep, we are in that dark, dark couple of days where the Moon runs away to wherever it is she runs to in order to finish off whatever it is that Moons need to finish off, catch her breath and re-emerge to start the whole cycle again.

Last months’ New Moon was in creative, generous, warm Leo. We were urged to look at the Leo parts of our lives. This month, we are urged to look deeper into the practical, the routine, the habitual. This month, we need to look to Virgo- service or servitude.

First, the stuff I usually forget- the technical details.

This New Moon falls at 5Virgo 27’ at:

Sydney: Monday 29/8/11 1.04pm

NZ: Monday 29/8/11 3.04pm

Perth, KL etc: Monday 29/8/11 11.04am

London: Monday 29/8/11 3.04am

East Coast US: Sunday 28/8/11 11.04pm

West Coast US: Sunday 28/8/11 8.04pm

Earth and practicality are the key words for this Moon. Venus is still within hand holding distance of the Sun and trines powerful Pluto across in Capricorn and abundant Jupiter in Taurus.

With what is essentially a great big triangle between these 3 points, we have what astrologers call a Grand Trine. Trines are easy, supportive energy, but easily overlooked or taken for granted- much like Virgo itself.

Mercury, the ruler of this New Moon, has just finished his retrograde cycle and all the re-working that goes along with that. And let’s face it, re-doing anything is complete inefficiency in Virgos book. Do it once do it right, and if in doubt do it yourself…in fact, just cut out the middle man and do it yourself. A very Virgo attitude, but not entirely helpful.

New Moon energy is always around getting rid of what no longer works and replacing it with something else. In the case of this grand earth trine, the issues at hand, regardless of where this falls in your chart, will be around the practical things of life- health, finances, work, ambition. What habits do you have in place which are stopping you from achieving your goals in these areas? What routines no longer serve a purpose? How can you be nicer to yourself, have a little more compassion and acceptance?

At some point I need to get my calendar, draw a few lines through a few weekends and say a very firm “no” when things come up, and just get in and do it…without guilt for saying “no, sorry I can’t” to yet another invitation from friends or family who need more attention from me than they have got this year. Although at this point that looks to be somewhere towards the end of October, which is then moving into Scorpio birthday territory in this house…perhaps I can pass the blue taped trims off as a design statement? That may need to be enough.

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