Wednesday 6 December 2017

Wednesday/Thursday 6/7 December 2017

Moon in Cancer

Mercury conjunct Saturn

Mercury sextile Mars

Mars sextile Saturn

I mentioned the Mercury/Saturn conjunction the other day – in my Full Moon post. What I said was:

This one is a lot about truth – as, indeed is the Gemini Full Moon itself. It’s not just the truth as you think or perceive it to be, but the truth as you wish it to be. It’s the truth of the past that can help transform into the truth of the future. And yes, this all makes a weird sort of sense.

But what is the truth? That question is more than a tad more difficult to understand.

Where Saturn is involved, we can tend to dwell on the darker or more negative side of a situation, see only shadow when there is also light, lose the forest for the trees. Sometimes we absolutely do need to take tiny steps in the dark, but the whole point of a Full Moon is illumination, so our way forward is more visible than it would normally be.

Even if you think you know what’s wrong with a situation – and with this aspect, you’re more likely to see the flaws than the advantages – hold off from saying so. With Mercury retrograde the messages are likely to be misunderstood. Besides, you’ll get another chance at it towards the middle of January when these two meet again. Next time, though, the meeting will be in Capricorn and you’ll have more practical information to work with.

Just a few hours after the Mercury/Saturn conjunction, we have a sextile between Mercury and Mars. There might be an opportunity to put some actions behind your words and ideas, or to convince someone else of your fabulous idea.

Even if this sounds super positive, remember that Mercury is retrograde, so the best use of this energy could be regarding information gathering and planning. Again, you’ll get another opportunity – in February – when Mercury is in forward-thinking Aquarius and Mars is in Sagittarius and both have their eye more on the future.

Tomorrow is the final piece in this little Mercury – Saturn – Mars game with a sextile between Mars and Saturn. This is good for detailed work, work requiring focus, patience and discipline, and even starting projects that require these qualities. In fact, it’s the last major aspect that Saturn will be making while he’s still in Sagittarius, so motivation is high to get something practical happening.

Wednesday is usually my half day away from the office. Rather than writing fiction as I usually do today, I’ll be using this energy to do some business planning for 2018.