We need to talk…

Photo credit: MartinCormier via istock
Photo credit: MartinCormier via istock

We need to talk.

Four little words that have the power to strike fear into the hearts of most men…and women like me. Usually what needs to be talked about is that loosely categorised as “feelings”. Ouch. Personally, I’m of the wanting to feel the feelings rather than talk about them…but we all have our own challenges.

What is challenging to most people, even those of us watery types who are supposedly in touch with our emotions, is believing what we feel. For someone like me who is currently feeling so wired that she just wants to jump off a cliff and hope like hell that the landing is going to be worth the adrenaline rush, the believing part is the scary bit. It is why I am convinced that watery people (especially those with heavy Pisces or Neptune influences) run from the emotions or do other things such as drink too much or eat too much or whatever else you do to escape- because anything that can deaden the feeling and give you a reason not to have to trust it can be tempting indeed.

Personally, I have more problems believing how my body feels (a concept that would be difficult to grasp for more Earthy types) or articulating or rationalising what my emotions are telling me (something that comes more naturally to Air) and I certainly don’t have the courage of a Fire Moon to actually do anything about it.

I got the idea for this post last week from one of my favourite bloggers- Capricorn Sarah Wilson (check out the post here). Under a Pisces Moon, there is no better time to believe your feelings and trust your intuition. The tough bit is when we start to put rationality and logic and practicality around something which can’t be rationalised or logiced (and yes, I am well aware that isn’t a real world- it got rejected on Words with Friends so therefore doesn’t exist).

Anyways, like Sarah says, when people ask me how I feel it irritates me for a number of reasons- reasons that are very different to hers:

  • Often they couldn’t give a shit anyway
  • If they do give a shit it is only so they can spread the gossip
  • I don’t want to have to articulate or explain them or risk someone else raining on them, passing judgement on them or somehow otherwise diminishing them
  • I don’t want to have to repeatedly revisit it when next time the same person brings it up…or the time after that or the time after that
  • Ultimately though, it is because more than anything I want to believe in them…and seriously, there can be no greater exhilaration.

So, as I was saying, the Moon is in Pisces (and also supportively linked to both Jupiter and Mars at present), so if you want to believe, do it now. Sure your bestie might be telling you to choose carefully and be careful of the flames and watch the drop and consider the consequences, but while the Moon is in Pisces, it is oh so indulgent to just go with it…the feeling that is, not the jumping off a cliff bit hoping for a soft landing. Neptunitis indeed. There is plenty of time for doing and thinking when La Luna moves on.

Naturally, this whole concept is much easier to accept when the feelings you want to believe are good ones…if they are the opposite, simply apply the principles of Neptune (no, not the lots of wine type of principle): a couple of drops of fantasy, a dollop of imagination and a sprinkling of fairy dust and hey presto! Don’t worry, reality will intrude soon enough…as will the advice of your bestie.