water, water, everywhere…

The Moon is in Scorpio- and somehow I missed it.

I mean, it shouldn’t come as a surprise, the Moon is in Scorpio for a few days each month. But my mood this afternoon has been a lot lighter than it generally is during a Scorpio Moon- possibly something to do with the supremely corny pop songs I’ve been listening to all afternoon. And by corny, I mean I’ve trawled the very depths (such a Scorpionic concept) of my itunes library for some absolute gems.

So far this afternoon, I’ve had a little Abba, some Backstreet Boys and Five, a one hit wonder by Promises (from 1979), and a fave by Euphoria. I’ve even had Tragedy, by Steps- and danced the actions in my chair. Hubby went to the golf driving range, Miss 15 put her headphones on and locked herself in her room and the dog snored.

While I’ve danced and sung, I’ve attempted to edit a rather emotional argument scene in my manuscript- it’s been done with ice pick precision…so appropriate for a Moon/Saturn conjunction in Scorpio.

What else is happening?

Venus is now in Aquarius- I painted my toenails turquoise for the occasion.

Mars is in Pisces, and this little fishie is definitely feeling something simmering- if you know what I mean. Mercury will follow him in over the next few days. By the time my birthday (and the Pisces New Moon) rolls around next month 7 planets will be lined up in Pisces. Nice one. I’d suggest even non watery types stock up on tissues and wine over the next few weeks in preparation for the emotional onslaught.

For anyone living with a watery type? You have been warned….