Watch Me Come Undone- Jupiter Transits of the 12th House

my little piece of deck- ignore the unpainted toenails!
my little piece of deck- ignore the unpainted toenails!

As regular readers know, I spent much of the last couple of weeks with my hubby and resident five foot nothing in the middle of the ocean on a hulking big piece of metal with over 2500 people that I didn’t know surrounded by miles and miles of a seemingly empty ocean.

Although looking forward to it, I had been deeply suspicious of the whole cruising idea. Sure I knew it would be a floating resort with a great kids club, but I’m not actually a deeply social person and there are (a lot of times) where I just want everyone to get the hell out of my head. There, I’ve said it. Crowds freak me out and tend to make me a tad claustrophobic. I avoid big concerts of bands I really want to see because of this (don’t remind me that Bon Jovi is out here this December). As much as I love love love the water and Sydney Harbour, I didn’t even enjoy those Xmas parties on Harbour Cruises that we used to have back in the days when companies had Xmas parties, simply because if the party is a dud there is no way off.

Despite the crowds on the ship I managed to spend much of the sea days alone. Endless hours were spent on a quiet part of deck- watching the sea, reading books, making pretty pictures out of cloud shapes, imagining what lay under that expanse of blue. At those moments, with the wind blowing all the fug out of my brain, it felt as though I was completely free and unrestrained- surprisingly so. At those moments, despite my initial misgivings, I was in my 12th house- the place we escape to.

Aside from being where we escape to and where we hide, the 12th house is also where we recuperate, where we keep the things hidden that we don’t want anyone else to know about. It is also where we come undone. This is the place we find (and hide) our addictions, our secrets, our fears, our secret enemies. It is the place of our self undoing.

And aren’t they all pretty much the same? Much of the time our secret enemies are our addictions- addictions that may have begun life as a vehicle for escape. This can be anything from booze to drugs, to food to a fully fledged illicit affair. All of these help us to come undone.

When Jupiter transits this part of your chart, this is where you go- in a big way. You may escape into yourself on a spiritual or positive basis, or you can contribute to your own self destruction. Your fears (secret enemies, another 12th house trait) become larger and manifest themselves easier.

Do you take the edge off them with an extra layer of fat, a few more drinks every night, a misguided shag with someone you shouldn’t be with- or do you go within yourself and find the strength to face your fears head on? As easy as it may be to give in to the devil on your shoulder, this is also the perfect transit to confront those fears and behaviours and find the inner strength to kick your addictions.

Jupiter transiting this part of your chart can provide a protection of sorts against your fears or your secret enemies. The danger of this, as with all Jupiter transits, is when protection and over indulgence are confused. When this happens, what feels like protection may actually be self-undoing.

 I spent most of the last couple of years (while Jupiter was in my 12th house) actively trying to escape in every way possible from feelings and ambitions that I was too afraid to say out loud or face head on. Although exaggerated, the nature of my natal Jupiter is one which is prone to self indulgence. The result was a few extra layers of supposedly protective fat, but all the escaping hasn’t really done anything except add a couple of new (unwanted) dress sizes to my wardrobe. Watch me come undone.

The 12th house is also about institutions and confinement. When Jupiter transited my 12th house in 1997/98 I was pregnant- the ultimate confinement. One thing about pregnancy though, is there is no escaping your fears- at some point you have to give birth. When I emerged it was as a different version of myself (see Jupiter- Transits of the 1st house).

I was listening to a podcast recently of a politician who, due to an enforced hospital stay and subsequent lengthy recovery period, emerged from his confinement with a new lease on life and a clear vision of his direction. The confinement and escape from his normal life allowed him to rediscover his creativity. This absolutely supports the view that all of our leaders and policy makers should have an enforced confinement every few years in order to go within themselves and emerge as more authentic and effective leaders.

What often happens during a Jupiter 12th house transit is a spiritual renewal of sorts…whatever that means. In stepping back, you are given the opportunity to rebuild your faith in whatever it is that you believe in or used to believe in. You may even re-build faith in yourself. In a way it is like a great long Jupiter retrograde period. (Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow for more on this concept).

You may find yourself doing more behind the scenes, privately or otherwise “unseen” yet strangely fulfilling work. You certainly won’t be actively looking for the spotlight and accolades during this transit.

During a Jupiter 12th house transit, you will find yourself becoming more Piscean in nature (and that is not just the self destructive part). You may be drawn to meditation or physical retreats to get away from the world. You may feel more empathetic, more intuitive and dream more fantastically and in technicolour.

You may become interested in spiritual matters (in whatever way spiritual is for you) or find yourself strangely attracted into esoteric and metaphysical bookshops. Perhaps you become involved in a secretive romance.

Any of these possibilities will enrich and invigorate you, but on the flip side, excess in any of these can undo you as well. Aside from being expansionary, optimistic and inclined to excess, Jupiter is also about honesty, integrity and justice…so whatever you do during this transit, stay true to yourself and your faith and your ethics (whatever they may be). To do anything else is to come undone.

So unimpressed but so in awe
Such a saint but such a whore
So self aware so full of shit
So indecisive so adamant
I’m contemplating thinking about thinking
It’s over rated just get another drink in
Watch me come undone

Come Undone, by the brilliant and gorgeously inked Robbie Williams

While Jupiter is in Pisces, 12th house transits are being “enjoyed” by Aries.

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