War of the Words: Lunas Geminisis

© Young Kimpark | Dreamstime.com
© Young Kimpark | Dreamstime.com

I am seriously considering giving up on on-line scrabble and words with friends and all those other app based games that allow words that would never have been allowed on a scrabble board on Xmas Day at the Lions Den.

It isn’t that I have been playing for long- just since last Friday while waiting for a delayed flight in the Virgin Terminal- but in that time I have played the computer over and again, only to be blown apart by words that seriously could never be used in a sentence, let alone can be found in a dictionary.

Sure I know I should be pondering the big picture things of life (like whether Nina made the right choice in choosing Patrick on Offspring…I happen to think she did- that guy seriously has Scorpio brooding written all over him and as for the ink.. phaw!), but the Moon is in Gemini and it is the little more rambling details of life that now take on incredible importance.

Like the word “qis” that my sister just used in the game of scrabble we are playing. Does it exist in the dictionary? Nope. Can it be put in a sentence? Nope. Did it score her shitloads of points? Yep.

And what about some of the more obscure words the computer has used to flog the arse off me in my recent games:

pied- OK I get the French meaning, and there is something else to do with colours like on a piebald horse, but is in my view more likely to be “pie-eyed” as in when you have consumed a few too many bevvies or are a Collingwood supporter.

dimer- apparently something to do with molecules

alist- like when a ship leans on one side- I think immediately before it makes like Titanic.

emend- the same as to amend. I don’t think so!

awrong- wrongly

So what I am getting from this is that if you add e or a to any verb or a d to the end of the word , you have a shot at a high scoring word?

And this is from the same app that wouldn’t allow me to use orgy which does have a real meaning and can be used in a sentence without you sounding like a refugee from a chemistry lab in Shakespearean times.

And as for the 2 letter words- don’t even get me started on those! Since when is aa allowed but not eg?

So, in order to play any of these games, not only do I have to have the app itself loaded, but I also apparently have to have an app that tells you all the 2 & 3 letter words not able to be used in nature, but are perfectly allowable in scrabble, plus the app that downloads all 4 letter words ending or beginning with q or z. There are many other 4 letter words which aren’t allowed in the game which flow freely from my mouth at this point.

And here was me thinking that this was just a bit of fun to be had- with the usual amount of strategy eg (see, I can use that in a sentence) “I can’t use this word, as she will jump straight onto that triple word score” or “I bet he has a q, so I need to close off this u.” Sure there is some of that, but when one is in the middle of a teleconference (ooops did that come out loud?) one quite simply doesn’t have the opportunity to faff around with lists of 2 words not used in normal grammar.

As strange and rambling as this mind dump is, it is actually quite relevant for Lunas Geminisis aka Gemini Moon… and no, I haven’t yet tried aka in Scrabble, although ak is rejected- as indeed it should be.

The Gemini Moon is one which demands an intellectual or mental approach to life rather than an emotional or feeling response. Take right now for example- there is this bird that lives somewhere in my neighbourhood that sounds like it should be in a jungle somewhere in South East Asia. It has this raucous cry like a macaw or something a lot more brightly coloured and exotic than the magpies or cockatoos that populate my little piece of suburbia.

My Pisces Moon listens to it and feels a couple of things:

  • I am taken back to Bird Parks in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore with huge free flight aviaries. I hear the birds and see the flash of colours and feel the humidity.
  • I feel sorry for the bird- it must have escaped from somewhere- is it feeling free or is everything weird and lonely? Are the nasty little mynahs causing it problems. How is it dealing with the winter? Given that I have been hearing this bird for almost a year now, I am assuming that it is OK, well fed and happy, but you get my point.

And that is before I even get into the whole birds in captivity thing which is more appropriate for a Sagittarius Moon blog.

Gemini Moon, on the other hand would think about it logically and ask the questions. Rather than my acceptance that it is there and lets move on, Gemini Moon may want to know the breed, where do they normally live, what do they normally eat, where did it come from, how did it get there?

Not that Gemini Moon would dwell on it for long. There is way too much to learn and communicate to be faffed with pondering anything for very long at all. Gemini Moon is able to jump neatly and without warning from subject to subject.

As such, these few days each month are a great time for learning, talking, writing, socialising, flitting, flirting, doing stuff with your hands…all in a dextrous and light hearted Gemini way. Which makes me wonder whether there are any statistics (although we do know that 99% of statistics- including this one- generally are made up and just come out of someones rear end…) that show whether writers are more prolific of bloggers post more or people talk more during these few days?

Anyways, if you need to have a meeting that involves the exchange of ideas, selling stuff, teaching stuff, spinning reasons to clients why your service levels have been a tad off over the last few months, the Gemini Moon is the best time to do it.

And, with the Moon meeting up with Mars later on today and the Sun and Mercury in Leo, today is one of the best days.

As for scrabble? I will continue my game with my sister (who is an Aries Rising Capricorn Sun, Scorpio Mars and does not like losing), but I will do it without the aid of any associated apps. Freehand, so to speak… but does anyone know a 4 letter word ending in q?