Venus Returns…Part 1

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Venus conjunct Venus.

When transiting Venus is exactly conjunct natal Venus.

The Venus Return.

Venus. The planet that governs relationships, relating…the planet that influences the things that make us feel good. Venus is how we decorate ourselves, where we find beauty, the things that make us feel and look more attractive…indeed, Venus is about the way in which we attract.

It stands to reason then that the day on which Venus returns to her natal position should be a day when we’re guaranteed to feel good about ourselves. Right? At least a good hair day? Yes? A day filled with joy and love? A day when you might go shopping, have a party, buy some gorgeous things. It’s a day when even in the greyest of moods you should be able to find a shimmer of light. A day in which you will feel pretty, oh so pretty.

In theory, yes.

I don’t have a great record with Venus Returns.

Not in a good hair day way, anyway.

In the past few years, it’s been the day when my nose has been red from my annual cold, or I’ve been house (or office) bound for some reason. A few years ago on my Venus Return I slammed a finger in a fire door in a hotel in Hong Kong with such force that I lost the nail and got a nasty, very manky infection requiring my first bout of antibiotics in about 20 years.

But then natally my Venus isn’t the type that generally feels pretty oh so pretty. Aries in Venus might be ready for battle, but a princess she ain’t.

Anyways, the Venus Return is a new start for all things Venusian. It’s like a reboot. It recharges anything Venusian in your life. It also recharges those natal Venus aspects you have- both the easy and the challenging ones.

It sets the themes for your love life, social life, appearance, the way you feel about yourself and even your finances- at least until the next Venus Return comes around.

Here’s the thing. As with all “forecasting” methods, the Venus Return has to be read in conjunction with the promise of the natal chart. There’s no point predicting a great social life if you never leave the house.

Which brings me to my next point- also common to all “forecasts”…you have to do your bit.

You can have the greatest Venus Return in history, the greatest promise for new relationship, but if you’re never going to leave the house or open yourself truly and honestly to the possibility of love, it isn’t going to happen.

It’s a little like all my returns this year show great promise for things to start moving on the publishing and self employed front for me- but that will only happen if I finish my manuscripts, make them as good as they can be, actively fight for what I want. I need to harness the best of my Venus, don my battle gear and get out there.

My Venus Return also shows great potential to improve my appearance- but that won’t just magically happen…more’s the pity. I have to help it along a little. Heavy sighs.

What I’m saying is that you’ve got to give the Universe a bit of a helping hand sometimes…you know, buy the lottery ticket, don’t just dream of winning it.

Anyways, onto the Venus Return.

Mine is tomorrow, so here’s an idea… let’s use that to illustrate… tomorrow…

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  1. Venus isn’t always sweetness and light for me either, so I’m looking forward to my Venus (in Gemini) return in May with mixed feelings.

    I read a while back that it is worthwhile looking at which planets govern the Nodes, and sure enough Venus rules my South Node (Libra). So that might explain why her effects on my life are somewhat heavy at times.

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