Venus Retrograde- Venus in Aries Goes Furniture Shopping


So, there I was in the furniture store inches away from pulling out the credit card and ordering a ginormous table for the kitchen/family room.

Yes, we need a new table- our is way too small (seats just 6) and, being covered with the remains of every craft project our daughter and her friends have ever done, has definitely served its purposes. But was this one (American oak with that sort of hamptons half bleached look and extendable out to 3m, but normally sitting eight) the answer? I deplored (yes, I felt that strongly about them) the chairs that went with the table. They had this slip cover flippy skirty bit that made me wrinkle my nose. But I could get chairs that would fit the bill, couldn’t I?

Hubby liked the table but wasn’t sold on the chairs and likes things to match, and wanted to consider all other options (Venus in Libra) so we walked away… and then I found the table of my dreams. Tasmanian blackwood with a slight curve to the edge and gorgeous legs. The chairs that were sold with it I loved too, and could upholster with whatever fabric I chose. And there was a sideboard with the same gentle undulating curve… By now it is after 5 and the assistant wants to close up.

We walk away, and have a mini argument about how I can be too impulsive (Venus in Aries) when it comes to purchases that require more consideration (Mr Venus in Libra). Apparently I need to consider practicality (Mr Saturn in Capricorn) as well as design, and as for the matching chairs thing, don’t I remember the time I went to auction and put a bit on a set of 8 antique cedar dining chairs that went really cheap, but we have never used because they were all a little unstable? I didn’t have my glasses on that day so couldn’t see that well ….and it was a long time ago and if memory serves me correctly I was going to do an evening course and learn how to upholster and fix them… and isn’t the Statute of Limitations on UnFinished Projects-UFPs- limited to 5 years after which it can never be brought up again in discussion?

But he loves the table as much as I do and it isn’t on sale, so we don’t have to rush the decision. Apparently it will give me time to:

  • sell the piano which has never been played in the 10 years that we have had it. I played as a kid & thought five foot nothing might learn- but that was before I knew that with 4 Aries planets there was no way that kid would practice! My aunt was throwing it out, so I offered to take it and it has been a great display shelf for photos and candles.
  • sell the sideboard I bought at auction the day I was supposed to be looking for a desk for the study. It takes up most of the dining room so even if the chairs had been fixed, there really isn’t room in there to move anyway.
  • sell the broken chairs. They are antique cedar, so surely someone who has already done an upholstering and chair fixing course can do something with them.
  • wait for Venus to go direct to ensure that I really do love the table.

Aaah yes, Venus retrograde. What was it I wrote about during the week? Something about holding off on incurring credit card debt and major purchases? Hmmmm I recall something to that effect….

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