Venus Retrograde- a survival guide…

Continuing my mini-series of key planetary aspects for 2017…

Venus turns retrograde every 2½ years. 2017 happens to be one of those years.

Venus is about love and relationships, but she’s also about pleasure – and the things that bring you pleasure. For this reason, she’s also about money and beauty. If you want to know more about Venus, check out this post in the Toolbox.

Where Venus is in your chart tells you a lot about your style – including your relationship style. Do you fall for the same type every time? Do you believe and believe and believe again until you can believe no more? Is the way you feel about yourself tied up in the way you relate to others? Do you have a “Mr Big” that you rush to repeat past mistakes with the minute you get that text?

Perhaps your relationships fail at the same point every time. Be honest, is this something that you are doing unconsciously? Perhaps as he pulls closer you pull away ever so slightly, but enough for him to think you are no longer interested.

Maybe the fear of having your heart broken again simply scares the crap out of you, so it is easier to run or find a reason to leave or an argument to provoke before that happens. Maybe you so desperately need to belong that you hold on tighter and tighter and tighter until he can no longer breathe…

During any retrograde, we go inward for a time to process what that particular planet has to teach us. In the case of Venus, this is largely around money, relationships, trust and self-esteem issues- and our patterns, perceptions and habits in relation to these issues.

Things that you do around Venus themes Every Single Time will come up in one way or another when Venus is retrograde. They may not be relationship patterns, but perhaps patterns in the way you treat yourself, spend your money, or trust others. But they will come up.

Don’t be surprised if old relationships come back to haunt you during this period. You may physically bump into an ex or simply find yourself dreaming of and thinking of them. Let yourself go with that. What could have beens are normal and any meeting at this time just may be an opportunity for closure or clarity.

Venus retrograde, despite what you might have heard, doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Given that Venus is retrograde for about 6 weeks every couple of years, you’ve already survived a number of them in your lifetime. Anyways, here is my survival guide:

  • When buying, beware. Just as you’d check a contract during a Mercury period, do the same under a Venus retrograde. Venus is about your personal resources, so be careful not to sign yours away or commit your resources (and that includes those you can’t put a figure on) above that which you can afford.
  • Which brings me to the 2nd point: when buying, beware of over-commitment. This is not the time to be increasing your credit card. It is, however, a great time to review your personal spending.
  • When reviewing personal spending and credit contracts be realistic about your lifestyle needs and habits. Don’t think you’ll be happy to watch the paint dry and reality TV every night for the next 2 years so that you can buy that designer gear when you know damn well that to do so would be the end of life as you know it.
  • Before tearing off on a shopping spree, review your wardrobe requirements, realistically. Don’t buy that great dress that is still hideously expensive at 50% off if it doesn’t fit you right now (trust me on this one) even if you think it will look great when you have lost those last 15kgs. Your credit card will love you for it.
  • Venus retrograde is not a great time for cosmetic surgery- that’s all I’m going to say on that one! In fact, it’s not a great time to make any wholesale changes to your hair-style or colour either. Normal maintenance is absolutely ok.
  • Perhaps your Venus lesson is around your personal style. Maybe you have outgrown yours? Now could be the time to research what colours and shapes make you body and heart sing. If you really have no idea (and lets face it, many of us don’t), check out your local shopping centre or directory for shopper help or personal stylists- they aren’t just for celebrities and can save you a fortune in bad decisions. Just don’t buy up big until after the RX.
  • While you’re at it, why not clean out your wardrobe, your drawers, and donate, throw or recycle anything that is no longer fit for purpose. Get your sewing box out and put those buttons back on and fix the hems that have fallen down. Staples holding up the hem in your skirt are not a good look. I know.
  • A Venus retrograde period is not the time to start a new relationship- although if it does happen (as these things do) read the tips below. Nor is it necessarily the time to finish one. It is a great time to review the relationship you have and how that relationship makes you feel about yourself. How you feel during the retrograde may be very different to how you feel afterwards… Before jumping in and calling the whole thing off, step back and wait for the dust to settle once Venus is direct again.
  • This is a great time to renegotiate existing commitments or issues in existing relationships. And that’s a good thing.
  • Existing relationships may be tested, so apply the filter in need to avoid any miscommunication.
  • If a relationship is started when Venus is retrograde, it may have similar qualities to the natal Venus retrograde position – feelings and emotions may be felt, but may not be expressed easily. The relationship may feel insecure or misunderstood. It doesn’t mean it’s doomed, just that it could take longer to get going.
  • As for new relationships? Think like you would during Mercury retrograde – don’t rush in to commit yourself until you have been through all the fine print. This person may have come into your life in order to help you go within, maybe show you a new way to resolve an old problem…and could show you a whole lot of new and inventive ways of doing it! Enjoy it for what it is and what it brings you, just take care not to wind happy ever afters forever and ever into the story.
  • Don’t be surprised if a relationship that was hot hot hot goes off the boil slightly during the Rx period.

What else?

Venus themes intensify around the station. I read something somewhere (and apologies, but I can’t remember all the details, but it sounds pretty right) that if you fall in love at the station direct, it will be a pretty deep, meaningful and intense relationship. Magical almost. Apparently this time is ripe for coupe de foudre: love at first sight, a bolt of lightening. Just be sure that it’s worth it, and worthy of you…

The dates…

4/3/17 stations retrograde 13 Aries 9′

14/4/17 stations direct 26 Pisces 57′