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Use it or lose it…

Canberra. Pic by me
Canberra. Pic by me

Before I finished at the partition job, I had a couple of very clear goals for the few months ahead. Aside from trying not to cry on the last day (and not because I in any way was going to miss it, more that I didn’t want to say goodbye to a couple of individuals), I was going to fly off to Bali, then take all of January off, during which time I would complete painting the trims, get some trees taken out, remodel the back garden, get a few tradies in to finish off some little tradie like jobs and then settle into February.

Moving into February I was going to treat my new job as writer/author/freelance journalist/person getting fit very seriously. I was also going to take a day each week and take my camera and me to a part of Sydney which I hadn’t explored before.

Fast forward into February and I am still painting (and probably will be until New Year…and yes, to the person who told me I should just pay someone, you can say I told you so). The trees are out and the little tradie jobs are done, but, thanks to the rain and the kitchen ceiling that is no longer simply leaking but now gushing, I now have more. As for explorations and new photos? Nope, not a one- unless you count the Tour of Duty to Canberra last weekend.

The manuscript that time forgot (working title Brand New With Tags) has been completed as far as it can be for now and now needs to find a home. I have settled into a work routine over the last couple of weeks that seems to be working for me.

And really, I should have known better. February is always like that for me. Why? The Sun is moving through my 12th house and the Universe is pretty well telling me to hide away. This year, with Mars hitting the reverse gears I should have known not to over plan as planning at that time would only be setting up for frustration.

I have been doing FebFast this month too, which has meant abstaining from alcohol for a month (except for two nights when I legitimately purchased passouts). The blurb said I would feel full of energy, lose weight and my skin would be bright and clear. I would also feel full of the kindness of human nature for raising money for charity. What a load of crap.

Obviously I didn’t drink enough for any of those things to have happened. Instead I have lost minimal weight (so obviously my nightly vino is not a major dietary impact), have had problems sleeping and have been in a crap mood because I sacrificed my only indulgence. And seriously, just how long is February going to drag on for anyway? Huh? As for the raising money bit, whilst I get that the cause is good, my intentions were not pure- I was doing it to satisfy a bet. How Venus in Aries can you get?

Anyways, things are looking up. The Sun is finally out, the ceiling may finally start to dry up, March is around the corner and here at Chez Tracey we are well into birthday season. My favourite sister in law had her birthday today (Happy Birthday P), my niece & I are in a couple of weeks and TTM is right at the very beginning of Aries.

As the Sun and Mercury move through Pisces, they are striking aspects to pretty well everything else in my chart. My Venus return is tomorrow, so I am guaranteed at least a reasonable hair day (which will be surprising given that I intend to spend the day with it rolled up in a woven headscarf while I do yet more painting) and the Moon is in Aries for most of the weekend.

La Luna has already linked up with Uranus- usually meaning some sort of surprise, out of the blue activity. That happened this arvo when a dear friend from NZ announced she was coming over for a surprise visit. Yay. Mojo back and something else to look forward to- just how good does a day get?

And for those of you who have been feeling a little dragged under the undertow of the Pisces Moon, you should be feeling a burst of energy right about now. Use it or lose it…the thing with an Aries energy burst is that unless you burn it, you will direct it into something not quite so positive- such as picking an argument over nothing, or throwing a shoe or … not that I would do any of those things…I am just saying…

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