Uranus Retrograde July 2010

pic courtesy of www.dreamstime.com
pic courtesy of www.dreamstime.com

Uranus is currently stationary in the 1st degree of Aries. He blazed in on a burst of flame at the end of May and shook us all up for a month or so before quickly running out of steam and retiring to his poolside deckchair with a Cosmopolitan to catch his breath.

Not that you can really blame him. For an old hippie / Surfer Dude like Uranus, being in Pisces is like being on holiday on a tropical island- not a whole lot to do save whiling away the days dreaming your dreams and making weird shapes out of clouds under the shade of a coconut palm. Every so often you drag yourself off the towel to snorkel and look at pretty fish through some goggles, but eventually the pull of Fantasyland will drag you back.

You know that sooner or later you have to take all of those dreams and apply some energy and fire in order to make them real. You know that there is freedom to fight for and new stuff to invent, but somehow, your energy is flagging and the coconut palm and those pretty fish are calling and it is happy hour by the pool….

Uranus turns retrograde in the next couple of days and will be back in Pisces by mid August. The outer planets spend a fair whack of each year in retrograde motion (Uranus will be retrograde until the 1st week of December). During these retrograde periods, the energy which is usually pushed outward is directed internally. During the retrograde phase planets become an exaggerated version of themselves. Uranus will become more Uranian…for many (especially those in the midst of a transit by Uranus) that is a pretty scary concept.

In the case of Uranus, who really gets off on giving totally unexpected and utterly unavoidable shocks to get you moving out of your rut and into something more individual, all of that bubbling, electrical energy in happening within you instead of to you. Eventually it has to explode.  

All those Uranian rebellion impulses will burst out at seemingly incongruent times, leaving those around you shaking their heads muttering “What the F&*#?” Which brings me to the other really important thing about Uranus and transits of this planet to natal planets…. resistance is futile. The more you struggle against the Freedom Fighter, the tighter the chains that bind.

If Uranus passes back across a natal planet or chart point for you during this transit, take it as a time to stick to what you know…for now. You will be able to objectively look at the results of the bid you made for freedom when Uranus 1st touched that planet and maybe analyse what went wrong. This is not the time to make a fresh break, if indeed a separation is what is required. The questions you ask yourself here will be put to use when Uranus retraces his path once he becomes direct. It is at that point that you have the opportunity to make the change real.

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  1. uranus ret always bring unexpected events in the world.in ret motion late this month oppose satrun a degree where my progress satrun in libra andd same time uran is in trine with my mars.jupitor opposing sun i am sure i will get a break or some sort of unexpected events in my life for the betterment

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